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What Students Are Saying

There are two main places to eat your meals on-campus: Lawrence Dining Hall and Ram'Â?s Head located in Sykes Student Union. Lawrence is buffet-style eating: you use one meal swipe to get in and you can eat whatever you want, as much as you want. The food at Lawrence is nothing spectacular, but most of it is not technically bad. It'Â?s what you would expect from college dining. Occasionally they'Â?ll have something that you might actually really enjoy. The great thing about Lawrence is the variety of food. You will always find something you like. There are some stations that have the same options every day, including the salad bar, soup, fruit, pizza, made-to-order pasta, made-to-order wraps, waffle makers, burgers, fries, cereal, bagels, and hot dogs. There are other stations that vary what they make on a day-to-day basis. Some of these options include meatloaf, chicken nuggets (so delicious), grilled chicken, pork, chicken pot pie, cooked vegetables, baked potato bar, fajita bar, Frito salad bar, mashed potato bar, nacho bar, and several other options. The best thing about Lawrence by far is the ice cream. They have a dozen different hard ice cream options, but they also have a soft serve machine. That can't be beat.
Sykes is a completely different machine. The way the meal plan works at Sykes is that one meal swipe is worth $4.70. All the food at Sykes has a price, so you can buy up to $4.70 worth of stuff and use one meal swipe. If your food costs over $4.70, you can either pay for the balance with your Flex (you get $250 a semester with your meal plan), or you can use two meal swipes. If you have a lot of roll over meals (your meals roll over from week to week during the semester), then it'Â?s smarter to just use two meals rather than use up all your Flex. Flex rolls over from semester to semester and year to year, so it'Â?s nice to accumulate some roll over Flex that you can use if you ever want to eat on campus once you don'Â?t have a meal plan anym...
The food is really good at Ramshead food court in Sykes. There are plenty of options, and it generally makes taking food on the good a lot easier. Lawrence Dining Hall is pretty good as well. The food might not be as great as Sykes, but if you're more about quantity than quality, by all means Lawrence will be your heaven. The diner is also really great and it stays open way later than either of the two mentioned above.
Kiera from Hatfield, PA
the on-campus dining hall (lawrence) gets a bad rep from students, but it is not all-bad. if you know how to navigate your options, and remember to eat as if you are eating regular meals at home, you will not tire your lawrence tolerance in your first few weeks of being on-campus. since lawrence dining hall is set up partially buffet style and partially window-serve style, it helps to become nutritionally aware of what you are consuming, and how much you are consuming, so as not to gain unwanted weight or become nutrient deficient in any way. always have food in your room for those times you are too late to grab dinner at lawrence. the diner (attached to lawrence) is okay, and is open significantly later than lawrence, but you definitely do not want to eat there too often as the menu options are certainly not the healthiest. off-campus eating is great, if you have the financial stability to do so.
nicholas from west chester, pa
The food was not always the best, but when your busy studying, you'll take what you can get. It will definitely make you appreciate home cooking much more.
Michelle from Hazlet, NJ
The food is your standard Aramark food on campus. Sometimes you wonder where they found the food in Lawrence but it kind of becomes a running joke after a few weeks. If you'd rather eat something less sketchy, the food trucks on campus are a great choice. The town itself offers AMAZING restaurants but they are pricey as West Chester is an expensive town.
Eric from Mechanicsburg, PA
Probably my least favorite aspect of WCU is the dining services. The food is good for the most part, but like any student, I'm going to complain about over pricing.
William from Philadelphia, PA
The dining hall food isn't terrible. It is college food, so you probably will get tired of it after a while, and it isn't exactly like home-cooked food. However, it isn't really bad. Luckily, when you aren't in the mood for the dining hall, there are also other places on campus to eat. You can get custom-made sandwiches and salads in the student union building. There is also the campus Diner where you can get sandwiches, fries, milkshakes and more all the way until 2am. Of course everybody loves the Einstein Bros. Bagels and Starbucks conveniently on campus!
Nicole from Pottstown, PA