Vermont Technical College
Randolph, VT, USA


Vermont Technical College

Cierra from Littleton, NH

a current student here
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In three sentences
Focused on getting you educated and getting you into the real world to start your career with all the skills and knowledge you need!
Tips for prospective students
Very friendly staff and professors who are always available to help you. If you know what degree you want and want more hands on, this is a great place to be!
Academic Rigor
VTC gets you into small classes and throws you into labs right away so you can spend more time learning your trade and less time in a classroom.
Dorm Life
The dorms are spacious and can be rearranged to how you like it. Bathrooms are cleaned daily, as well as the rest of the dorm building!
Food and Dining
The cafe is amazing and always has the best options for whatever you feel like! The dining hall always mixes it up as well and offers new and unique dishes everyday. The only downside is that we're not allowed to take out anything from the dining hall.
What to do for fun
For fun, I play soccer both in regular season and intramural. I also hang out with friends in my free time. We go out to eat, chill in our rooms and even play volleyball in the warmer months.
Bang for the buck
VTC isn't looking to take all your money. They are designed around getting you a degree in the career you want, for a smaller price then a big university.
Great for these types of students
Anyone looking for a small, community based school.
Clubs and Activities
VTC offers a lot of clubs and activities throughout the whole school year, including; soccer, track, astronomy, outdoor, multi-cultural, and so much more!
Greek Life
We have 3 distinct Greek "houses" that you are placed in at the end of each semester, based on your grade point average.
Campus Safety
Public safety is always on duty and always available to lend a hand in anything you may need help in.