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What Students Are Saying

Professors actually do care about their students. They may not seem as friendly as your high school teachers, but professors have bigger classrooms and you are all adults now. They will not come up to you and personally ask you if you understand everything, so it is up to you to ask them for help. Take the opportunity to get to personally know them and their grading techniques and you will excel.

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!! You will want to party, go swim in the river, and just sleep - But most of my classes had 3-5 grades in them. Some professors hold review sessions before the major exams, but don't slack off. There is a time for fun and a time for work, but don't forget you are at college to get an education.

Take advantage of the writing/math labs, the library, and the rec. You are paying for them in your tuition.
Laura from Garland, TX
Don't ever believe you can't get into a university. Make contact early in the year with the counselors on campus and let your high school counselors know how important this school is to you. Visit and talk to the counselors and email them throughout your senior year.
Kristen from Lubbock, TX
If you are expecting to come here only for the parties you will be surprised, yes, there are many parties but you have to be able to balance the fun with your assignments. Even though many professors try to work with you in order to raise your grade, it is your sole responsibility to stay on top of the work.
Karla from San Marcos, TX
Don't believe the rumors of a party school. They have changed the image to be a legitimate contender in the top universities in the state of Texas.
Kyle from Port Lavaca, TX
Make sure when you look for your future home (dorms), make sure you know how far it will be from your classes. Keep in mind that the whole campus is built on a hill so your willingness to walk across campus might change. I would definitely think about rushing if you want to make alot of friends fast even though the greek community only makes up around 13% of the campus. Get involved your first year and meet people in your classes. Don't be afraid to go the library, SLAC, or the writing workshops. It is there to help YOU. When choosing your meal plan for the semester keep in mind the amount of food you normally consume. If you know you will be snacking in your room alot then get the smallest meal plan. If you usually eat full meals twice a day then get the middle meal plan. If you plan on eating all 3 meals a day then get the large meal plan. Also go to your professors office hours, it will show that you want to succeed and they will notice and help your grades.
Samantha from Sugar Land, TX
Keep your high school GPA up, and be sure to take the SAT and the ACT, some think the ACT may be a little easier. Be involved in your community and join clubs in high school, showing that you can multi-task is something that looks great on applications!
OH! And always go to class! You'll regret skipping! And study sessions work wonders!
Amber from Conroe, TX
Wear shoes that support your feet. You will be walking up and down hills all day. Don't forget your bathing suit!--the San Marcos River runs straight through campus. Sewell Park is a really nice place to hang out!

Academics-wise: GO TO CLASS! You are here to learn--not nap and party your life away. You will have PLENTY of opportunities to do these things in time. A lot of teachers give extra credit to those who attend class regularly. Also, Study! Study! Study! Many teachers give 4 exams during the semester, and those are your ONLY grades.
Staci from Spring, TX
Tips for you: Use Ratemyprofessor.com to look up professors when building your class schedule. Attend some of your teachers office hours if you need help, and if not that then go to SI sessions or SLAC. Just don't do nothing about getting the help you need, it's only going to benefit you in the end I promise. Make as many friends as possible, be social, and get yourself involved in something!
Jerika from Cedar Park, TX
Make sure to attend classes and take the notes given. Also read what the professor tells you to from the book because the majority will wind up on the test. Go into all of your classes with an open mind and you shouldn't be let down. Yes, Texas State is known as a party school, but as long as you make sure to put your school work ahead of the partying you will be sure to do well in school, while also leaving time for fun as well.
Brittney from Flower Mound, TX
If you want to meet people hang out in the dorm lobbies so many people walk through there on a daily basis your bound to make some new friends. its also the center of all activities in the dorm when people are not in there rooms they usually check out the lobby to hang out with other students.
go to class! I've seen many students have to drop out and ones that have been put on academic probation because they are failing because they don't go to class. All my classes have taken attendance and its part of your grade its not that hard to do just show up!
Also if you have trouble with your classes the academic counselors are great and teachers are helpful as well just stop by office hours and most professors are happy to help .
Kirsten from Seguin, TX