St. Edward’s University
Austin, TX, USA


Key Academic Stats

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Non Traditional Learning
  • Online Classes
  • Online Undergrad Degrees
  • Summer Sessions
  • Combined Institution Double Degree Programs
  • Some Programs Requires Co-Op/Internship
Learning Options
  • ROTC Army
  • ROTC Air Force
  • Study Abroad
  • Honors Program
  • Teacher Certification Offered
Student:Faculty Ratio
US National: 21:1
Classroom Sizes

2-19 Students
20-39 Students
40-99 Students
Graduate in 4 Years US National: 28%
Graduate in 6 Years US National: 52%

Faculty Overview


African American
Asian/Pacific Islander

What Students Are Saying

The academic rigor of St. Edward's is challenging, but manageable. Classes build upon one another to continue learning about the topic and ultimately prepare you for your last semesters on campus. Science and math classes are just as challenging as english and history classes. Each major has their demanding courses to no one is left out hard classes. A lot of reading is expected for many courses, and most courses throughout each major are content heavy so you begin to learn about your field as early as your freshman year. Classes are small and can range upwards of 30 students. The largest class you will experience is the mandatory freshman studies seminar of your choice, and even then the class size is no more than 150 students.
This is not by any means an easy A school, nor is it a school that one would expect to go through without being social. The school focuses on teaching its students to broaden their horizons as well as concentrate on their intended major. To put it in the words of their motto: St. Edward's teaches you how to think.

Be expected to involve yourself in community and campus projects for in-class grades, do competitive group projects, and dabble in subjects that are not so readily related to your major. This school makes it a point to step students out of their comfort zone of learning.
Diana from Santa Fe, NM
The work load of any major can become overwhelming compared to state schools, but the unique opportunities and services St. Edwards offer in conjunction help alleviate the stress.
Nicole from San Antonio, TX
Easy classes, lots of busywork.
Sara from Shermans Dale, PA
Classes are hard but manageable if you look for help when need it.
Joselin from Austin, TX
It is not easy. Most classes require a lot of writing, especially Capstone. It is crucial that you are a good writer.
Paris from Austin, TX
St. Edwards does supply classes to it students that will challenge them. They want to make sure that their students to whatever they can to be successful, so they offer a lot of resources that will help you do that.
Victoria from Houston, TX
Wonderful teach/student dynamic. They encourage students to meet with them as much as possible and because professors are required to have office hours they can't say no if you ask to meet with them. They make time to help. This also means there are some difficult times ahead, I'm not going to sugar-coat the work you have to complete. As long as you pay attention and ask for help when you need it you'll do very well.
And allow me to just add that in 2010, every single student who applied for Med School after attending St. Edward's got in. 100% of those that applied. They will make sure you know you're stuff before you leave their school with a BA.
Sabrina from Phoenix, AZ
St. Edward's is a smaller campus so you therefore have smaller class sizes. As a result of this, you are able to talk more with your professors and classmates about questions that you have on certain subjects. Professors also like in class participation, so there is an opportunity to ask questions when you have them. I would say that the classes are a bit challenging, but it is not something to be afraid of because there are so many resources available to assist you. Such as the writing and math centers that we have on campus.
Mary from Riverside, CA