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Seattle Central College

McKenzie from Kirkland, WA

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
The teachers at Seattle Central are beyond helpful and truly care about your education. All of the teachers that I had at SCCC could be reached easily for questions and were always willing to help. While I did have some teachers who were not as good as others, even the less-than-fabulous teachers were still helpful. I learned a lot from all of my classes at SCCC
Did enjoy being here
The SCCC campus is in such a great location it would be hard to give it less than five stars. Also, the school is easy to navigate and the classes are great. The only drawback is that there are less classes offered at SCCC than at some of the surrounding community colleges so you have to be very quick to get the classes that you want or need for your degree.
Bang for the buck
Seattle Central is a great value school. The classes are up to par with any university and the price is incredibly low. However, textbooks can get really expensive, even for used ones, so it would be best to try to find books online or on Craigslist before you head to the bookstore.
Tips for prospective students
One major tip I would give students is to try some online classes. The online classes offered at Seattle Central are taught by great teachers and the website is very easy to navigate. Also many of the classes needed to obtain an AA are available online which makes getting an AA easier. If you are planning on transferring to a university after you receive your AA you should try and take some classes that pertain to the degree that you ultimately want. Especially if you want to go to an art school or private institution some of your credits may not transfer so you will want to try and maximize the credits that can be transfered. Also, try taking public transportation instead of driving because parking on Capitol Hill, especially around the school, is hard to find and can get expensive.
Great for these types of students
Seattle Central is great for all kinds of students but especially for those who have jobs or need to save some money on college. Since an AA is easily transfered to most universities you could save a lot of money by obtaining an AA and then graduating from a major university. Also, if you have a job there are a lot of night classes and online classes that can help you get your degree while making a living.


a current student here
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In three sentences
Seattle Central embraces individuality and acceptance. It's a fantastic college! Great instructors and a diverse student body.
Tips for prospective students
Classes fill up quick so check out your registration time linked on the college website and register as soon as possible. Even though students are recommended to see an advisor around their 45 credit mark, I would suggest to talk to an advisor the first quarter just to really get familiar early on with your goal.
Academic Rigor
Needless to say, all instructors teach differently. Generally, I would describe Seattle Central academic rigor to be very independent because instructors expect you to study and work like college students. If you need any further assistance after class, the instructors really imply that students put the effort in reaching out to them.
Food and Dining
You don't have to leave the campus to find great food at an affordable price. The cafeteria serves everything from a breakfast burrito to a salad bar to vietnamese sandwiches. The culinary department also has bake sales everyday!
What to do for fun
Seattle Central has so many clubs. Check out the MAC building (north of the school bookstore) to learn about clubs or even start one!