San Bernardino Valley College
San Bernardino, CA, USA


San Bernardino Valley College

Darryl from Highland, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
An up to date modern Community college that is a great deal for those that want to learn new skills and get an education. The student center and tutors are quite helpful in overcoming learning obstacles. The campus has a new feeling since the buildings have been updated or replaced.
Tips for prospective students
Do your work at the computers on campus, treat it like your office. Don't go htere to surf the net or fool around. Be proactive and take charge of your education. Get to know the tutors and get help immediately when you are stuck on some problems.
What to do for fun
Occasional art shows, music programs etc.
Bang for the buck
Great deal for the money even if California has raised the tuition to $46 per unit. You can learn a lot here if you apply yourself. You get what you put in.