Salem Community College
Carneys Point, NJ, USA


Salem Community College


a current student here
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Am learning a lot
While most of the teachers are cool, some of the adjunct faculty can be a real challenge to deal with. Overall though, the material covered is in-depth, and professors are readily available for discussing any questions or concerns.
Am enjoying being here
Some of the staff members are extremely helpful and will go to great lengths to assist students. However, many seem to have no clue what is going on, much less any desire to help the students. Something as simple as finding out an instructor's office number can be difficult. Not only that, but some students tend to be disruptive, and teachers are a bit lax to reprimand anyone. If you can focus on your own work and ignore them though, you should be fine.
Bang for the buck
Salem Community College is worth the money as long as you put effort into it. A lot can be learned, but too many students look at it as an extension of the high school experience rather than approaching it as a college-level education.
Tips for prospective students
SCC is not a difficult school to gain admission to, which is a plus for some. However, for potential students, I would strongly encourage you to get to know at least one or two of your teachers. I've found this to be extremely helpful as I apply to 4-year schools and submit scholarship applications. Also, as mentioned above, treat the courses as college-level work, even if some may seem otherwise.
Great for these types of students
SCC is good if you are looking to get a feel for college level material, or if you wish to work on raising your GPA to appeal to 4-year schools. But keep in mind that it is a Community College and therefore does not provide an extensive education.