Reading Area Community College
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Reading Area Community College

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Some things I have learned over my first two semesters is that it is crucial to listen to what the teacher is talking about and to take notes. You always want to have something to refer back to when you are at home trying to study out of the textbook. Some other great ways to study is by making yourself some flash cards, making an outline of the chapter or by reading through the required material. Studying on a full stomach, with a good amount of sleep and in a quiet room away from family is the best way to study. Teachers are very helpful and each have their very own style of teaching.
Am enjoying being here
Attending RACC really helped me see what path I wanted to choose in life. Once I heard that RACC was opening up a Culinary Management program I knew that was the school I wanted to attend. Choosing RACC was probably one of the best decisions I could have made.
Bang for the buck
Choosing RACC was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. I was always searching for a college that could meet me needs of an inexpensive school that I could fit into my budget and at the same time get my general classes finished and obtain a degree. What could be better than a deal like that? Even through high school, I was always very conscience of how I spent my money. I never wanted to be in debt because my college was costing me an arm and a leg.
Tips for prospective students
It is your obligation as the student, to make sure you are in class on time, as well as complete the required assignments to the best of your ability. A key thing to remember is that time management is an essential thing to have. It is said, that every hour you spend in class, three hours of studying is required to get an “A”. You should be sure to fit studying into your life outside of school, cutting back on your social life might be a good idea. College Success Strategies is a must take class. This class has helped me out so much as I began my first semester of college, without it I would never have known where to go to get help on my English, or how to even begin registering for my classes.
Great for these types of students
Reading Area Community College is great for any type of student. Whether you are just starting out fresh from high school or returning to college after already accomplishing a house and children. If you're undecided about what you want to major in well then great, RACC will help you in figuring out what you would like to do as an occupation while guiding you towards working on your general classes.