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What Students Are Saying

Make sure you fill out your FASFA, and check out all the prospective scholarship and loan opportunities! Go into school with an open mind, and try to befriend your roommates from the start- no one wants to live with someone they do not get along with. Manage your Qcard money well in the cafe - many freshman boys ran out of money too quickly. Bring a fan or two for your room, it can get pretty hot during the summer months.
Gray from Kinnelon, NJ
Your college experience is what YOU want it to be, so get involved, do things outside of your norm, and discover the type of person you really are. I feel like Quinnipiac University can offer an unforgettable college experience.
Mark from Medford, MA
If you are considering Quinnipiac University first consider the location. It is close enough to a city, New Haven, while being located in its own scenic sect of Hamden. Consider also the professors and classes; the professors care about their students learning, and the classes are interesting enough to keep you intrigued in the class. Also, the school does offer great scholarships. Quinnipiac offers many different academic scholarships. Also Quinnipiac accepts scholarships from many outside sources making it easy for students to find money for school. My biggest tip to prospective students is to apply for scholarships because they make it much easier to pay for the school.
Chelsea from Wallingford, CT
If you are planning on coming here that is great! You will know when you visit if this school is for you! It is a smaller school which is good for shyer people because you will feel more comfortable seeing more familiar faces while walking down dorm road. Just be yourself and try and get to know everyone in the hallway of your dorm the first week because after a week or more it's going to seem even more awkward to introduce yourself.
Lindsay from Southbury, CT
I recommend applying early so you can get the best financial aid award, though this goes for most any school. Make the most of the involvement fair they put on in the first week because you get to see every organization we have and are given the opportunity to get more info or sign up. Have at least some Q-cash in your account for the most part because you never know when you will need to print or do laundry or grab a snack from the vending machine. Definitely track your meal plan money because you don't want to be stuck with no money before the semester ends. (There are handy signs to help in the cafeteria!)

Most of all, no matter what college you pick, make sure you go there and really picture yourself there. If you aren't just dying to call that place your home (because face it you are at college more than your old home) for the next four years, it might not be the place for you. My freshman year I only came home for 3 breaks when I had to, otherwise I never wanted to leave. Its summer right now and all I see on facebook is how everyone (including myself) wants to go back to QU!!
Lyndsey from Enfield, NH
don't apply to quinnipiac because you think the campus is pretty. find your connection with what the university offers like i did when applying.
gabrielle from danbury, ct
Prospective students should try to do the best they can on SAT/ACT scores because it really is important when applying to selective health science or business programs. Housing for freshmen is random selection. Quinnipiac students are also very actively involved in organizations so prospective students should think about what they want to get involved in such as greek life or student government.
Kaitlin from Commack, NY
College is expensive, no matter where you go, so take advantage of any and all scholarship options the school and other organizations have to offer. There are great opportunities at Quinnipiac, socially and academically, for students looking to get a lot out of their college career.
Valerie - PA
Don't judge a school before you even check it out. I did that and almost didn't even bother checking out Quinnipiac, but at the last second I changed my mind and haven't regretted it since. I knew from the minute I stepped on the campus that this is where I was meant to be and could see myself for the next 4 years. So when I comes down to it, give ever college a chances because you have nothing to lose by just checking it out, and who knows, the school might just surprise you.
Students looking to come here should know that it is better than they would expect! Students are friendly and always looking for more people to associate with, the community is healthy and outgoing, and there is a group and opportunities for everyone. It is an expensive school, so look into scholarship opportunities, financial aid, etc., but the quality of education is prime. A huge tip would be to take a tour of the school when classes are in session! It is a great way to see how the life at Quinnipiac works, what students do, where to go, and what everything looks like. It is a great way to get a feel for what your prospective life could be at QU!