Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
Lancaster, PA, USA


Pennsylvania College of Art and Design

Chalkley from Lancaster, PA

a current student here
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Tips for prospective students
Look for the Technology Requirements. It will be a Laptop and Camera requirement. Many colleges are trying to have their students up to date with technology so they can progress in the changing work world and environment. The tech requirements are important for the success in the classes at PCAD.
Academic Rigor
The professors are real-time professionals in their area of study. They take time out of the studio practice to teach here at the school. They are prepared to have their curriculum match very well to the realistic surroundings of the workplace/ art world. The workload comes easier once the students get a grasp of what their time management skills are geared towards.
Dorm Life
There are no school sponsored dorms or housing buildings. But the housing department at the school is fantastic at contacting local landlords and apartment complexes to arrange living situations. Also there's programs at the school to help students get to know each other to become roommates.
Food and Dining
There's no meal plans or cafeteria located at the school. But there are cafes and restaurants in close proximity of the school. There's an hour lunch break in the day and students either sprawl out into the city for food or they pack their own lunches.
Campus Safety
Lancaster is pretty save as far as cities go, but every city has their issues. The great thing about PCAD is that it's located across from the police department. Every year the police chief gives a presentation at the school about safety in the city. Also the Dean of Students sends out warning emails to all the students when someone reports a suspicious event or anything involving the safety of the students.