Pennsylvania State University-Abington
Abington, PA, USA


Pennsylvania State University-Abington

Stacey from Philadelphia, PA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I have just started and have already learned so much, that my horizons have completely changed. The teachers are so good, and so involved with their subjects and students, that they have started a fire in me which has caused me to re-think my goals and expand my horizons. I am now undecided as to my future, but I have many good people to help me on my way, and I know my future is brighter!
Am enjoying being here
I decided to start with a smaller campus, a student body about as large as that of my Philadelphia Public High School. I will have the ability to eventually go to University Park (if i want) and move up to a campus that is as big as a small city! Or, if I so desire, I can stay at Abington for 4 years and earn a full baccalaureate degree in many majors, without leaving home. The campus is in a beautiful rural setting, is not too big, and makes every day a delight. There are both old and new buildings and people who are always willing to help you. A bookstore on campus, as well as a full cafeteria in the Student Union Building and a snack-serving lounge in the Science Building, along with a full and well stocked library. A very relaxing place to spend my time between classes.
Bang for the buck
What can I say ... This is PENN STATE! One of the top Universities in the country; with opportunities and answers for all of your educational needs. The ability to not only turn out the best kinds of scholars, but also well-rounded individuals, who are an asset to the school and the community, as well as to themselves. I am a legacy student (meaning that other family members have attended and graduated from here: father, grandfather, aunt, great-uncle and 2 cousins), but I am starting to see that Penn State is more than just a place to learn and receive an eventual degree, but truly is A WAY OF LIFE! There is so much more to Penn State than just football (although that's pretty darned good) and the Abington Campus is now in the process of moving into a league of its' own, becoming an individual force to be reckoned with, as well as being a part of, and able to draw on, the vast resources of a powerful whole. They say that one of every 27 college graduates in the country has some manner of ties to Penn State, and I agree. It truly IS a lifestyle, and it is a matter of pride when we declare that ... We are ...PENN STATE!
Tips for prospective students
Penn State Abington has no on-campus dormitories, but can assist the non-local student to find housing in the area. Likewise, because it is a good place to start, the earlier you can apply, the better. The decision as to whether to transfer to University Park, or another campus can always be made at a later time, especially after getting a good start in the basics needed for any and all degrees. Being a Land Grant School, the tuition is much less than practically any other College or University in the Commonwealth, so applications come in early and many people apply. They do look at the entire individual, so just because your SAT scores aren't the best doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have a shot at acceptance. Likewise, the same goes for scholarship and grant applications and programs.
Great for these types of students
Penn State Abington is a great place for the student who is not yet sure of what his major is going to be. The basics are covered, in detail, and even if you should decide to move on to another school, the education received should transfer easily to any other place you would want to go. Penn State Abington also offers a great deal of extra-curricular activities; and more than just sports, although the sports are an up and coming thing, for both men and women. Penn State Abington currently is a member of both the NEAC and ECAC and has earned a Division III status in the NCAA. They currently have teams in 13 intercollegiate sports including: women's cross country, men's and women's soccer, women's volleyball, men's and women's basketball, baseball, men's golf, men's and women's lacrosse, softball, and men's and women's tennis. There are groups and clubs of all sorts, and the staff are more than happy to help you start and even fund your own organization, if it is not already currently on campus! This is a great place to be!