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What Students Are Saying

While some may consider community college to be an easy alternative to a university, the expectations at this level are still higher than some students may be used to. The environment is a bit less structured in the sense that there is less busy work and more independent studying. In order to do well at this school you must be willing to put put forth the effort necessary to learn the material and you have to know when to ask for help. There are plenty of resources available to help you learn if you are only willing to look for them.

Also, get involved with some of the extracurricular activities available. There are plenty of organizations, both academic and social, to help make your time there more enjoyable. It's a great way to meet people who share your interests and the academic organizations may even help to reinforce what you are learning in your courses.
Stephanie from Loxahatchee, FL
This institute is a great opportunity You will learn so much.It is very easy but will take all of your dedication as well.
Venissa from West Palm Beach, FL
Remember to always ask questions. This might seem obvious but many people actually don't follow through here. Students are on their own and they don't feel comfortable in that environment, many are too shy to ask questions. Find out whatever it is you need to know whether it is directions to a class or what clubs are on campus. The more you ask, the more you know, making the transition to college a smoother process. Also, join clubs or other extracurricular activities. With exams, papers, due dates and grades college can get pretty stressful. Joining a club will give you an outlet by relieving stress; academics are important but so is having fun. Being part of some organization also enriches the college experience because it gives you a chance to be part of your college. One of the most important tips I could give you is to be organized. Keep a planner and write down every single thing you need to do in it; assignments, major due dates, group meetings, interviews, internship opportunities etc. Have a different folder or binder for each class and keep your papers in a neat order. When things aren't organized there's a lot more room for confusion and stress.
Make sure you always go to class on time and never miss a class because it sets you way behind. As long as you do all of the work and study for the exams you will do great.
Steven from Loxahatchee, FL
Go to lake worth for all the major programs but the gardens campus has all the science and biology classes and good labs
Kayla from West Palm Beach, FL
My tips is to know exactly what you want to learn so you don't let behind. If you undecided you can always start with the basics first., then visit the career center they will help you figure out what to do.
Jouliana from Greenacres, FL
Definitely check with people you know who have taken classes that you are getting ready to take to see how they felt about the professor they took the class with.
Alexandria from West Palm Beach, FL
Even though it is community college, take it seriously. Join the Honors College or Phi Theta Kappa; do things that are going to set you apart and help you to learn and grow! Keep a high GPA and you will get into any 4 year university! Also, if you plan to transfer do not wait until your last semester to start doing research on where you want to that ASAP!
Christina from West Palm Beach, FL
If you decide to come to the school, and are planning to transfer, make sure you use your time wisely. Time goes very fast and you can easily lose track of it, and not realize you need to get many things ready before your graduation, especially if you are undecided about your major.
Stephanie from West Palm Beach, FL