Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Miami, OK, USA


Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Graduated Norseman

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
Considering that this was a junior college, i wasn't particularly expecting to learn as much as i did. The teachers are great, i learned alot and graduated with my Associates degree.
Did enjoy being here
The town and campus is small, but since it is i created some really solid friendships. There are towns that are that far away, so it actually works out really nice.
Bang for the buck
It is a GREAT price! I am so glad that i chose to go here for 2 years before i went to a university. I got an incredible collegiate athletic experience and a good education for a low price. and i am not going to be stuck with a bunch of student loans since i am only going to be attending a University for 2 years.
Tips for prospective students
Visit the campus! It is in a small town, but the school makes up for it. and apply for the scholarships that you can there, soon!
Great for these types of students
Athletes who arent yet ready to go to a bigger school, Students who are intimidated about starting college, Those students who are not able to to spend alot of money, Ag students, and part time students.
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