Montgomery County Community College
Blue Bell, PA, USA


Montgomery County Community College

Aly from Norristown, PA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The teaching is really solid and the classes are interesting, but the quality of my fellow students is mediocre at times. It drags down the classroom environment.
Bang for the buck
You can't find a better deal that this!
Tips for prospective students
Keep in mind that most of the people that go to this school don't want to be there at all. Most of them are there because:
a) It's cheap
b) They didn't get into the college they wanted
c) They have parents who demand that they go SOMEWHERE, so they end up here.

That's not to say that it is a bad school. I just mean to say that a lot of the people at this college are shockingly, abhorently uninterested and frankly, not very smart.
Great for these types of students
If you're short on cash and willing to do a lot of out of school learning (since the classroom environment tends to be a bit lacking), this is a great school. Save your money, get your general education credits done here, then move on!