McPherson College
Mcpherson, KS, USA


McPherson College

James from Goddard, KS

a current student here
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In three sentences
McPherson College is a fantastic school, it's the perfect size and people here really care about students. They have great extracurricular programs and student employment opportunities. The only down side is a lack of degree options.
Tips for prospective students
Apply early and visit many, many times. By the time I had enrolled a lot of professors knew me and the entire admissions staff and I were on a first name basis.
Academic Rigor
The classes I've had haven't been too challenging.
Dorm Life
The dorms are great, I love my room. The internet is very fast and there's a deluxe cable subscription for each room.
Food and Dining
The food is fantastic, great variety. Once a week there's a different ethnic option that they haven't done before.
What to do for fun
I'm an actor so I act for fun and the theatre program here is amazing, as I freshman I've been in two shows thus far, it's been a blast. There's also a couple of clubs in town, and a movie theatre the a lot of students frequent on Tuesday night when the school sponsors a $2 tuesday where students pay $2 to see brand new movies. The school is also great about scheduling things like comedians, stunt men, and other acts for students to watch.
Bang for the buck
The school does a great job with Career services and internship programs. They help students get internships as early as freshman year. It's great for learning how work in the field you want to pursue is.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Once a year we have a Campus Blowout, where the entire city of McPherson has a whole day off during the week. During that day the city and college team up to set up all kind of activities for citizens and student to participate in.
Great for these types of students
Pre-Professional students
Automotive lovers
History lovers
Science people
Clubs and Activities
There's a club for virtually every major there is in McPherson.
We also have many, many service clubs like the Roteract Club (A subgoup of the Rotary organization)
Greek Life
There's none.
Campus Safety
Nothing bad happens on this campus. It's too small to have its own security force, but the local police station are less than a mile away.