Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Boston, MA, USA


Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Deanna from Newington, CT

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am learned so much about art and about myself as an artist. MassArt starts with a studio foundation year which helps students sharpen their skills and find out what they want to do (you don't have to declare your major untill the second semester). Then in your major they deeply develop your understand of the material and help you make an identity with whichever art form you would like to do. Plus I am learning a lot from just living in the city and experiencing college life! Overall, I am learning more at MassArt than I ever have ever learned in any other school!
Am enjoying being here
I love being here. MassArt is located in the heart of one of the most famous cities in the world, Boston Mass. I love exploring the city with my friends and since Boston is such a college-town there are millions of diverse teenagers to meet and hang out with! The students at MassArt are the most open-minded and kind group of kids I have ever meet. Also the staff and teachers here are warm-hearted and support whatever you would like to do! There is a very loving and supportive vibe throughout the whole school!
Bang for the buck
MassArt is one of the cheapest art schools in New England and they give you so much for your money! Also the tuition of this school is cut down tremendously if you live in New England and it's cut down even more if you live in Massachusetts! They give you opportunities to meet famous artists, have internships, study abroad, work on campus, double major and much more! Also MassArt is apart of the Colleges of Fenway group, which is an organization that plans events for any college in the group! Overall this school really is a bang for your not-so-big bucks!
Tips for prospective students
Tips for MassArt:
1) If a class choice comes down to a teacher, ask older students for opinions on teachers before selecting the class, this way you will find a teacher that is right for you and you will have more fun and learn more in the class!
2) I have found that the cheapest way to get art supplies is to shop buy the product at either Blick or Utrecht. Buy products based on which of those 2 stores has a better deal on it. A combo of both stores is the best way to go! Use coupons!
3) Watch your meal plan amount! Be careful not to run out before the end of the semester! You can watch it by asking the cafeteria cashiers to swipe your card and find the amount that is left on it!
4) Only stay up really late if you need to, don't be tempted by the dorm life. If you have an early class, go to bed early!! Sleep is important to your health!
5) Don't buy ANYTHING at the school store because it is VERY OVERPRICED!
6) When you first get to Boston always travel/explore/use the T with a friend because you will get lost on your own!
7) Try to get along with your roommates as much as possible but if it doesn’t work than you can switch at anytime, just get someone who also wants to switch! SWITCHING IS A MUST BECAUSE YOUR EXPERIENCE WILL BE MORE POSITIVE if you are with people who enjoy your company.
8) Most teachers verbally assign projects, so if you are confused about an assignment, ask the teacher to clarify it for you. don’t pretend to understand something that you don’t because it will make the assignment extremely difficult!
9) If you decide to party, always bring a friend (a group is better) and DO NOT GO BACK TO THE DORM UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE YOU CAN ACT SOBER IN FRONT OF THE GAURDS. Walk around and sober up before you go back to the dorm!! Or if you know the person you is hosting the party VERY WELL, sleep over!
10) If you get in trouble in any way, DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT WITH YOUR PEERS, because people in charge will hear you talking and will te...
Great for these types of students
Artistic, Creative, Adventurous, Dedicated, Driven, Students who live in New England, Students who live in Massachusetts (the cost is cut for these states)

John from Mass.

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Yes, and No. The teachers present you great material. But! it is up to you to take it to the maximum and to have fun.

Also there is such a thing as a threshold for learning, whatever you do...
balance school, life, work, family and friend time. You don't want to burn out.

That means no nonstop marathons, over nighters, and sleep deprivation. Also accept the fact that you can't plan everything, life
is bound to have surprises... Good and Bad.

So it is definitely worth it to be around different types of artists.
Am enjoying being here
Yes and No.

in check and even the extra stuff. Remember the simple things in life.
Bang for the buck
Yeah it is definitely worth a bang for the buck. But if you can overlook slightly dirty buildings and interesting bathrooms. You will find that it is all about what is on the inside, but not the outside that matters.

[EAT AT SIMMONS or EMMANUEL's cafeteria.... better and healthier food] Chartwells needs an upgrade.
Tips for prospective students
Be happy with what you got. You are young, don't try to grow up too fast. Enjoy your time, and keep things at a steady pace. Smooth and easy, simple and good.- REMEMBER THAT

Don't make friends for the sake of having friends. You will eventually attract people with likes and interests and things will grow from there.

You will also meet people whom you will naturally repel, no sweat, just treat them the same way you want to be treated( with love) ; and success is the best revenge.

Be true to yourself and your beliefs. you are, what you believe in... Ahem! And eat. And think. And those who you keep company with.

(take advantage of Cross Registration [ sophmore and up])
(take advantage of classes out of your major [for fun])
(have a clear state of mind)
(STAY FOCUSED! there is no such thing as EQUAL multitasking;
do one task at a time and do it good!)
(be the best that you can be without self compromise and
a deprived life; you only live once)
Great for these types of students
-Students who have a desire to learn, grow, and creatively develop.
-students with dreams students who believe in a better tomorrow

Samantha from Edgecomb, ME

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I took a lot of art classes in High School and in my previous college, but I'm still learning new things every day. Yes, some things get repetitive, but the teachers are very willing to cater to the students and personalize projects if you let them know that you've already learned that particular thing. As long as you're not afraid to SPEAK UP, and you put a bit of research into which teachers to take/avoid in regards to your interests and experience, you will have this same experience at MassArt.
Am enjoying being here
Coming from a small town in Maine, Boston is a big change for me, but it's definitely the place to experience college. Living around artists evokes inspiration, and there is always something going on in Boston if you're interested in having an active social life. Personally, I suggest really calculating your priorities before deciding to come to Boston simply for the social aspect; the curriculum is CHALLENGING and demands many hours of work outside of classes.
Bang for the buck
Aside from the fact that all on-campus students are required to have a meal plan, and that the food is definitely over-priced for the quality of it, the studio classes and variety of classes here definitely make up for it. The school runs on one flat rate for every student, rather than paying per class.
Tips for prospective students
I am a transfer student coming from a liberal arts college, and this transfer was the best decision of my life! I was worried about locking myself into an art career, but there is such a vast difference between art school and liberal arts school, that if you're unhappy at a liberal arts college and happen to be a visual learner who is interested in an art career but scared to take the plunge, STOP WORRYING! MassArt is also great because it is part of the Colleges of the Fenway (COF) which allows students to take courses from other colleges in the area (including Simmons, MCPHS, Berkley)!
More tips:
-meet as many people as you can during orientation!
-be sure to check out before choosing classes
-if you have access to a kitchen, and/or are a picky eater, GO WITH THE HALF MEAL PLAN
-don't spend your money on the student discount yearly pass for the T, unless you have good reason to believe you will be going into town a lot (for instance if you have an on-campus job)- in my experience, it isn't used as much as originally expected
-take advantage of school shows and activities as much as possible
-join clubs
-enjoy Boston!
Great for these types of students
Hard working, creative, open-minded, enthusiastic, artistic

Dana from Dix Hills, NY

a current student here
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Academic Rigor
really intense. most people do not sleep very much.
Dorm Life
community oriented.
Food and Dining
Food is good. Could be better. You get sick of the food, but that would happen anywhere.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
- we are the only public art school in the country
-we are involved with many of the other schools surrounding us, giving us more opportunities
-we have an annual Iron pour hosted by the metals department
-Massart is unique for sure
Great for these types of students
-independent thinkers
- free-spirits
-motivated people
-community oriented people
Greek Life
Campus Safety
24 hour security in the Residence halls, and they offer shuttles that go as far as 3 miles at night.

Dana from Uxbridge, MA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The education offers a wide variety of ideas and constructive criticism form not only peers but also the staff and professors. There are not only art courses, but there are others options to study other fields as well by taking some of the critical studies courses that introduce a new way of conceptual thinking for the students. Also, the school works with others schools including Berkeley School of Music and Wentworth Institute of Technology to cross register for classes of other interests.
Am enjoying being here
The experience of living in Boston is really an intense one. I have really learnt a lot about being in an urban setting and it has certainly opened my mind even further than it ever has been. I have met several new friends who share the same interests and I have learned a lot about myself through the projects in classes and just by being in a different area of the world. I have experienced new activities in art and I have been exposed to more education in the arts through different people and different activities.
Bang for the buck
Compared to other art colleges and schools, Massachusetts College of Art and design gives an excellent education for a reasonable and fairly cheap price. With the tuition, the college offers free services for the students such as counseling and other services as well.
Tips for prospective students
Even though it is an art school, incoming students must not forget that they will need to work hard at improving their technical skills as well as conceptual skills. Also, keep an open mind when entering into a larger crowd of much more art culture than what would normally be involved in.
Great for these types of students
There are several art exhibits that are open to sometimes more specific students down to an open exhibit where any student can show their work. Also, the Compass program helps to introduce new areas of the school that are extremely helpful in incoming students, including registering for class and finding work in the arts fields.