Marian University
Indianapolis, IN, USA


Marian University

Meredith from Indianapolis, IN

a current student here
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In three sentences
Marian is a great place where all the professors make you feel wanted. You're definitely not just a number at this University.
Tips for prospective students
Make sure to study and take notes, no matter where you are this is important in college.
Academic Rigor
The academics are challenging; but can be easily completed as long as you study the material given.
Dorm Life
I have never lived in the dorms at Marian; but my friends have told me wonderful things about their experiences.
Food and Dining
The food is wonderful! There are so many choices, and the chefs accommodate to dietary needs!
What to do for fun
There are so many clubs and sports around campus to join. If you don't end up joining a club there are lots of other activities to get involved in. Each spring there is a campus wide Nerf battle, and there are activities such as Up all knight in the library to stay active and involved.
Great for these types of students
Catholics, athletes, cyclists, med-students, education majors
Greek Life
No Greek life :(
Campus Safety
The police station is located in the student center. If you feel unsafe in anyway just call campus police and they will escort you where you need to go.

Samantha from Plainfield, IL

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Marian -- I think like any college -- opens up so many doors for you to learn not only the curriculum, but about who you are as a person. Still, I've taken so many classes that I thought were going to be boring general education courses that I had to get out of the way, only to find that they really sparked an interest that I didn't know that I had. Not to say that the courses are too easy, but I've been taking more than the average course load just because I have so many more classes that I am interested in taking and need to fit into four years! Additionally, being the Franciscan university that it is, I have learned a lot more about my own personal faith and Christianity as a whole while in the required theology and philosophy and outside of the classroom. From there, the class sizes are definitely a highpoint for this small campus. I've never been in a class with more than 35 students and that is far higher than the average. One of my classes actually only had two students (myself and another) which allowed plenty of one on one time with the professor. The instructors are amazing! Each and every one of them wants to see you succeed in anything and everything that you do. They have scheduled office hours, but are usually able to rearrange if there is any need.
Am enjoying being here
I definitely love my choice. I'll admit, at first I wasn't sold that this was going to be the school for me. I thought it was too small for the things I wanted to do, but it has totally shown me different. I love the small atmosphere; everyone knows everyone and they are probably the nicest and most inviting people compared to any school in the country. There is ALWAYS something going on around campus and we have amazing school spirit! Doyle Hall, the dormitory where all on-campus freshmen live, is an incredibly tight-knit community and definitely helps you bond with those who you will be sharing your next four years with.
Bang for the buck
I don't know exactly where ALL of my money goes, but I know that a good portion is referred back to me in many ways. The leftover? Well, I do suppose it has something to do with the new medical center they are building. Most on-campus activities are completely free to students and I foresee it staying that way for a long time.
Tips for prospective students
Live on campus for at least your first year!
Go to as many campus activities as possible!
Don't be scared to talk to anyone, they are all so sweet and willing to help you with any question you have about anything and everything!
Get involved in at least one club/committee!
Great for these types of students
Being a Biology major myself, there are so many different directions you can choose to take with it; as is the case with many of the majors. Other strong programs we have are the seminary, our music program, and those involved with nursing. In terms of extra-curriculars: I would have to say a solid 90% of students are involved in some type of activity, team, or club on campus. Our cycling team is the best in the nation and we have a super strong men's and women's bowling team (I'm bias, but honest) for only its first year as a program. Others would would definitely enjoy Marian are Catholics, really any athlete, Music majors, Nursing majors, those involved with drama/theatre, and plenty of others.