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Madonna University

Alejandra from Lincoln Park, MI

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Wow, a lot can be said about the learning that goes on at Madonna. The classes, for the most part, are small and you really can get that one-on-one attention with the professor in the middle of class. The only exception to that rule would probably be during a big lecture, like Anatomy and Physiology lectures, which are around 80 students max. What I love about Madonna is Blackboard, an online site where professors can post lessons, handouts, videos, or summaries of what was discussed in class. Learning doesn't strictly happen inside the class, it happens all the time. Which is why that has encouraged me to consider going to Poland for a semester in Spring 2013. So excited!
Am enjoying being here
I love it here. The counselors are extremely helpful. Mr. Brooks, my counselor during the first semester, helped me out so much! When I had a question and he didn't know the answer, he went out of his way to find someone who did. The staff in general is very friendly and will gladly assist a lost freshman on the first day of school. The students are always in a rush of caffeine, I would know, but if you happen to catch one, they are always up for a conversation. Besides the atmosphere, Madonna has tons of sports: men and women's golf, volleyball, men and women's basketball, and men and women's soccer, just to name a few. The games are always full of hyped up students so it's a great place to be at if you wanna go out for a night but can't afford to spend too much. There is also an incredibly long list of clubs to join. I'm sure that 99% of the clubs were student-created. I'm a part of S.C.O.P.E., or Students Creating Opportunities to Promote Education, which primarily serves to educate little boys and girls, and sometimes high school students, about the benefits of attending college. Sounds simple, right? It's not, it's effort and passion and volunteering when I would rather like to be sleeping. But honestly, I'm glad I'm a part of something that could change someone's life. It's worth it. So join clubs, play sports, and talk to people!
Bang for the buck
I'm a little biased on this question, seeing as I refuse to take out any loans and haven't received much financial aid in terms of scholarships so I'm paying for everything out of pocket! But if you're looking for an awesome school with lots of opportunities, friendly staff and students, helpful offices, and learning at every corner for a relatively low cost, Madonna is for you!
Tips for prospective students
For prospective students, I would have to recommend to spend a whole day checking out the University. There is so much to see and know. Like the Writing Center, an entire place dedicated to helping students out with papers from simply brainstorming to editing. It is a free service to any student attending Madonna. And TRIO, an organization within Madonna that helps out first generation, low-income college students, like myself. They loan out laptops, DVDs, offer workshops on a ton of different topics, give out free tutoring to its members, and so much more. The above is only available to members though, so give yourself a chance and apply early! The other thing to check out is the Library, of course, for all your studying needs. Also, the Franciscan Center is sort of a designated hangout for anyone who wants to kick back and have a six inch sub from the deli while studying. I recommend the Italian Special :) Make it a $5 meal and add chips and a small soda.
Great for these types of students
While Madonna is a Catholic university, a multitude of varying religions all coexist here. So if you're okay with that, Madonna is the place to be. Also, if you love to make friends from different parts of the world and maybe go out of your comfort zone at times (trust me, you will love it!) consider Madonna at the top of your list.

Ashley from Coldwater, MI

a current student here
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In three sentences
Madonna university is a very friendly atompshere. Madonna's professor are willing to help all types of students. The class sizes are perfect for all students to learn.
Tips for prospective students
To take a tour of the campus to have a better understanding of the school. I recommend the writing center to review or help you write any papers. Don't be afraid to make friends or get involved in campus activities.
Academic Rigor
The academic classes are hard, but I feel that you learn so much.
Dorm Life
I lived in the dorm my first year and loved it. I love the small dorm size, but I still felt that I was away at school.
Food and Dining
The Take 5 Lounge is relaxing in between classes and the burgers are great.
What to do for fun
Get involved with the campus activities. There are many trips that our offered for downtown Detroit and even the Right To Life walk in Washington DC.
Bang for the buck
I feel that the money spent on schooling so far as been worth it. The professors leave you with so much knowledge that you'll take with you after the semester ends.
Clubs and Activities
We have sports and campus minstry.
Greek Life
Nothing is offered
Campus Safety
The parking is great and the safety is great.