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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 309-341-7100
For International Student Services: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

Keep an open mind and try new things! I met all kinds of new and interesting people just by being social during my orientation week.
When you decide which classes you're going to take in your first year, be open to new suggestions. Never taken an art class before? Try Drawing I. Want to try your hand at a short story you've always wanted to try? The Beginning Fiction Writing professors are top notch. I personally had never been a very physical person, but with the amazing gym available on campus, I've started working out more than ever.
Also, if you do choose to attend, try to fill out the roommate application as thoroughly and completely as you can. I did so, and my roommate and I are best friends now. Your roommate can make or break your experience at Knox, and being fortunate like me can make all the difference.
Don't forget to study in between all the fun, though. The class schedule gives a lot of time to yourself, but there is also the assumption that some of that time will be spent studying and getting work done. Even though there isn't the same busy work that comes up so often in high school, you will still have some homework and the fact that there is less of it just makes what there is more important to get done. Start papers early, do your reading, and if you manage your time well there will still be plenty of time to have fun!
Don't be afraid to apply to Knox if you don't know what you want to do. You aren't allowed to declare a major until your Junior year, and even then you aren't REQUIRED to do so. The Knox formula gives you plenty of time to explore and try new things without worrying about not having enough credits to graduate with a degree!
Grant from Arlington Heights, IL
Come here if you want to be friends with a lot of new people and you are willing to spend many hours on homework each night and are looking to be mentally stimulated to your fullest.
John from Hartland, WI
Don't be shy! Almost everyone on campus is friendly and wants to make you feel welcome. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions, whether in class or just trying to get around campus. We love inquisitive people!
Audrey from Peyton, CO
Get to know the students before you know the campus. Students will be there for you as will the campus but be around people who you think would benefit you. Also, just make sure it isn't much of a big change for you because people do tend to miss home here.
Steven from Chicago, IL
prospective students: be sure you want to live in a small town. there is little to do off campus unless you are willing to go to chicago. i've found it difficult to find people willing to do that. if you like to stay on a small campus, you'll be fine!
Sara from Littleton, CO
Please visit. My decision was made after visiting on accepted students day. This is a make-or-break opportunity and your only shot at experiencing the faculty and student body first-hand.
Ian from Troy, MI
Take as many Honors/AP/IB courses as you can. The more you take, the better prepared you will be for Knox. That goes for almost every college, too! Show an interest in the school and take the initiative to get to know more about Knox. Request information, meet with your counselor if possible, or email them to introduce yourself or to ask any questions you may have. The counselors are really helpful, though some of them are not the quickest in replying back. Either way, they'll be glad to answer any questions or doubts you come across.
Adilene from Atlanta, GA
Go to the Red Room and Writer's Block! It has helped me so many times for my homework and in essays I needed to write. Also, get close with your advisor. They are the nicest people you will meet and will answer any question you have; if they do not know the answer, they will tell you who to go to to have your question answered. Mot importantly, do NOT procrastinate; you will regret it.
Brenda from Chicago, IL
Come and visit the campus. You can read about a school as much as you want online, but once you experience Knox it is a different feeling and only something you can only do in person.
I recommend that prospective students challenge themselves through high school in both academics and extracurricular activities and try to express themselves honestly in the application process.
Derinn from Springfield, IL