Kansas Wesleyan University
Salina, KS, USA


Kansas Wesleyan University

Shelby from Hutchinson, KS

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The teachers are amazing. The classes are small enough that the teacher knows your name, is willing to help you individually, and you know most of your classmates both in the classroom and out of it. The teachers have a way of covering the same topic in the different aspects of the subjects. For example, in an education class, it covers how to educate students with disabilities, while a psychology class covers how those students develop.
Am enjoying being here
Everyone knows everyone else. This is positive because it is easy to meet people and easy to communicate with them outside of the classroom. The campus is enjoyable because there is a low stress level everywhere. The grounds are beautiful and provide a relaxing atmosphere.
Bang for the buck
It was less expensive for me to go to Kansas Wesleyan than any other state school because of the amount of scholarships I received. Also, with large colleges and universities, it is the teaching assistant or a graduate student who teaches the course, not the teacher. At KWU, the teachers always teach the course, never a replacement.
Tips for prospective students
Be sure to schedule a visit. I was going to a different school up until the July before school started in August. I had housing, a schedule, student ID, everything. I toured KWU because I had a friend who attended here. Immediately, my mind was changed. Within a month, I was completely ready to begin my education at KWU and I have not regretted it at all.
Great for these types of students
There is a little bit of everything here. There are people involved in debate, forensics, theater, choir, band, orchestra, soccer, tennis, football, dance, cheer, and the list goes on. There are people you look at and wonder how they ever graduated high school who are succeeding and there are people who could have been teaching the high school courses that are being challenged. The teachers are so good at teaching to fit the students' needs.