Kansas City Kansas Community College
Kansas City, KS, USA


Kansas City Kansas Community College

Allison from Kansas City, KS

a current student here
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In three sentences
KCKCC is a good school to either take basics or get an associate at. The teachers offer a lot of help. Also a lot of diversity so you always meet new people.
Tips for prospective students
When starting off in college as a freshmen always be prepared, on time, and never skip breakfast. Make new friends this way you can set up a study group, also it will give you a chance to get know others. Cramming last minute does not work, so study as much as you can in your free time but do allow your brain to relax now and then. Make sure you keep track of your papers and different classes so stay organized.
Academic Rigor
The academic rigor here really varies from class to class depending on what you're good at and know already. Now if it's a class you have no idea about it might be a little challenging at first, but the teachers usually work with you to figure out your learning style. After figuring out your learning style this will help a lot and dedicating time outside of the class will as well.
Food and Dining
The food is really good in my opinion compared to fast food. you don't have to leave campus to get food since it's offered, which is a bonus. The cashiers are also friendly which is nice.
What to do for fun
Communicate with others, this way it gives you something to do when you're not studying. Go out to the movies or stay at home and watch some with a couple of friends. One last idea is to play sports or another outdoor activity.
Bang for the buck
For me as a student at KCKCC I don't really get to go to the games or any fun activities like that since I work full-time and attend school full-time. But I have heard a couple of people tell me they like the activities and sports offered here. Which I wouldn't mind attending during the spring after winter break.
Campus Safety
I think the campus safety does a really good job at ensuring everyone is safe. I currently have a night class which at first I didn't feel safe leaving at night. Until I realized that campus police are always riding through the parking lots making sure everyone is safe and else where.