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What Students Are Saying

Dorm life is rather convenient with the majority of the freshman in one place as well as being very close to the class rooms, kitchens, one of the dinning halls and the recreation center. Last year all freshman we're allowed to have a car on campus too, for $50. But between the JWU bus system and free RI Public Transportation that may not be necessary.

Fraternities and Sororities are mostly students from the downcity campus, being the business and hospitality majors, but you can still easily join if that interests you.
Nathan from Jamesburg, NJ
- Get to know your professors and chefs!
- Don't be shy. Meet new people. Don't hang out in the dorm all day.
- Get involved.
- Don't slack off.
- Make sure culinary is really what you want to do. It's hard and it's frustrating for those who don't have a passion for culinary or baking & pastry.
- Be prepared to work really hard in your 6 hour lab.
- Know how to iron before you get here! Seriously.
Brianne from Apple Valley, MN
This school is great for students who are career oriented and also want to have the college experience (where you cannot get at community college or vocational school)

Culinary Majors is either a hit or miss, freshmen either love the program or they hate it.
Michelle from Pawcatuck, CT
Try to get the best grades possible before you graduate high school, be prepared to do alot of work this is college, and also be prepared for the best 4 years of your life
Devin from Providence, RI
Make sure you stay caught up on your work and you will do fine.
Make sure your major is really what you want to study. It's an expensive school. Also, pay attention to your chefs, they know a lot and you only have 9 days in labs so absorb as much as you can.
Carolina from Yakima, WA
Develop your own opinion. JWU is a great school, has an excellent track record, and can really set you up for your industry of choice. But make sure it's what you want, not every school is the right fit for everyone so take a visit and learn for yourself!
Madison from Allentown, PA
Definitey get a dorm on-campus your first 2 years. The Shuttle buses run constantly, which take you everywhere. You don't need a car! Local public transportation is also free with your ID Badge. You won't be complaining about the food at JWU that's for sure... Classes are small, the instructors are awesome and they all have a hands-on attitude and will help in anyway they can, if needed. Being in the middle of a large city is a plus. You'll love JWU!
Ryan from Harwich, MA
~Apply for EVERY scholarship
~Don't always party because studying is important especially is a teacher decides to give a pop quiz (yes they do, do this).
~Get involved in different and meet new people. Don't be afraid to talk to someone everyone is nice.
~Get to know you chefs they can get you connections outside schools sometimes.
~Prepare to do more work than you did in college. Also they don't really accept anything late so make sure everything is in on time.
~Make sure you know how to iron good and shine your shoes. Starch works amazing on your uniforms. If your a culinary major Chef Fuchs is REALLY strict about uniforms and he will confront you if somethings wrong with it.
~Make sure you don't miss more than 2 days of a lab because after the 2nd day you are dropped from that lab and are going to have to take it over.
Heather from Brockton, MA