Irvine Valley College
Irvine, CA, USA


Irvine Valley College

Alejandro from Norcross, GA

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
Starting my freshman year at IVC was nerve wreck never the less enjoyed my experience the school provided learned more in a few weeks and a pace that was comfortable but at the same time enlightened.
Did enjoy being here
The IVC campus is great lots of exciting people there to meet many great teachers to teach and many books to be opened and read. Class rooms are enormous.
Bang for the buck
Going to IVC is really affordable attending the college is a benefit to your pockets.
Tips for prospective students
Great community college for future transferring student looking to go into a 4 year university.
Great for these types of students
Students that want to better their future, planning to broaden their horizon. Also IVC has an awesome accounting program and many other so check them out.

Ciara from Lake Elsinore, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
The professor are great ,very helpful when you need it.The counslor are also very available.The cafeteria food is pretty good.I am learning a lot here great transitional school.I am very happy here.
Tips for prospective students
Register for classes early .parking is full so leave early for class.Enjoy all the programs the school as to offer clubs ,sports. Plays.
Academic Rigor
The classes are pretty normal.just show up to class and do your homework be involved in can handle the rigor pretty well.
Dorm Life
Food and Dining
The food is above average.accesible.
What to do for fun
Sports. Plays,clubs,meet new people.
Bang for the buck
I think you get a great first two year education for the money.I am extremely happy I picked I V C.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
I really thought it was cool all the things they did for you to destress you for finals awesome job Ivc.
Great for these types of students
Students with goals ,students not sure of their Major yet.Students that want a great education for an extremely reasonable price.
Clubs and Activities
Soccer, plays photography clubs ,all sorts of Clubs.
Greek Life
Campus Safety
Always feel very safe here.I see police at night from my night classes.The students have safety buttons everywhere.

Alicia from Lake Forest, CA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Even when the classes seem hard, I learn a lot and sometimes those are the more fulfilling classes than the ones that are usually easier.
Tips for prospective students
Do Not Stress Out So Much. Remember theses counselors and teachers want to see you succeed and they want to see you transfer or for you to do whatever you want after two years.