Haywood Community College
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Haywood Community College

Christopher from Waynesville, NC

a current student here
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In three sentences
Haywood Community College makes me feel as if I'm right at home when I am there. The instructors are personally involved with their students on an individual basis. There isn't another institution that I would want to attend for an Associate Transfer degree.
Tips for prospective students
Haywood Community College offers many resources to assure academic success for students. Free peer tutoring, an extensive library, and people that are willing to go out of their way to help out. Utilize these resources.
Academic Rigor
This school is filled with devoted students that share a common goal of success in academics. I feel that learning is a community effort, and the concept of community is strongly emphasized at Haywood Community College. Instructors present coursework to students by utilizing multimedia activities and direct involvement in the classroom.
Dorm Life
Haywood Community College does not have on-campus housing. However, the campus is located conveniently close to many housing options such as, apartment and condominiums.
Food and Dining
The Sunrise Cafe is located on the bottom floor of the Freedlander Learning Center on campus. This cafe is operated by the county school system, and provides breakfast and lunch at very affordable cost.
What to do for fun
Haywood Community College is home to many clubs that participate in a wide range of activities. Wildlife Society, Sigma Alpha Pi, Book Club, Creative Arts, and the Future Cosmetologists of America are just a few of the student organizations at Haywood Community College.
Haywood Community College is also a certified arboretum, so the campus is home to a lot of natural beauty that is outlined with gardens and walking trails. We also have an 18 hole disk golf course!
Bang for the buck
Haywood Community College tuition is about $2,000 an academic year. Earning a Associate transfer degree at this institution can save you a lot of money. The Associate in Art or Applied Science transfer degrees allow students to complete the Freshman and Sophomore years of Bachelor degree at a Community College price.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
In 1991, there was a donation of a 320-acre tract of forest land to the Haywood Community College Foundation by Raymond and Bernice Fowler. This tract of land is known as the Raymond J. Fowler conservancy and teaching forest. This donation enabled the college to have a field teaching forest for its Natural Resources program.
Great for these types of students
Haywood Community College is great for anyone interested in an Associate transfer degree. Haywood is also renowned for it's Forestry and Wildlife programs.
Clubs and Activities
Haywood Community College has many student clubs that organize various events throughout the year. Book Club host local authors to give talks and readings on their literary works. The Wildlife Society hosts an annual wild game dinner as a departmental fundraiser. The National Society of Leadership and Success prepares students for success through intense leadership training programs and regular workshops. These are just a few of the many clubs and activities on campus.
Campus Safety
Haywood Community College has one armed resource officer and two full time security personnel. Campus Security Officers are routinely present all across campus, and they are always just one call away if you need them. Security can be contacted via pager, phone, or one of the many call boxes located across campus.