Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
Ankeny, IA, USA


Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary

Megan from Bonaparte, IA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
When I came to Faith I wanted to learn more about God and the Bible and I have been very impressed with the academic level achieved here. The professors are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and teach in a personal and interesting way. They welcome questions and do not judge or condemn if I have a different opinion, but they are extremely careful in making God's Word, the Bible the focus of their teaching. I have learned so much at Faith!
Am enjoying being here
The atmosphere at Faith is awesome! There are always activities going on and people to hang out with. Because the campus is smaller, the students here are like family. Also, the location of Faith is great; it is in Ankeny, IA which is only twenty minutes from Des Moines and is a wonderful place to live. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy going to college at Faith.
Bang for the buck
The tuition for Faith is expensive, but it does have very nice facilities. The dorm rooms are in very good condition and have individual air conditioning and heating units in each room. The dining service is run by a very proficient cook and the food is usually very good; there are some exceptions. The staff and faculty are very helpful and understanding; some of the professors even have students stay at their homes during the holidays! I do think the price is a little high, but I know the education I'm receiving is very good.
Tips for prospective students
Make sure you know what program you want to do before you start school; if you start in one program and then switch to another, it will probably add to the time you will be in college. If you are interested in the Missionary Nursing program, ask very specific questions about completing the pre-requisites.
Great for these types of students
Faith is a great place for students who want to grow in their walk with God and learn about the Bible. It is also a good college for those who like a more friendly and personal atmosphere. Students are expected to be responsible and study hard, but the professors will work very well with anyone with learning or physical disabilities.