Compass College of Film and Media
Grand Rapids, MI, USA


Compass College of Film and Media

elyse from rockford, mi

researching this school
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In three sentences
it has a very small class size, about 140 in all classes, and only accept around 75 students from 600 applicants. however, the teachers are all very welcoming and are passionate about what they are doing. everyone is very nice and respectful and knows each other.
Tips for prospective students
do you research, and take time on your application.
Academic Rigor
seems very driven and focused on the film industry, you make videos almost every week.
Dorm Life
there are no dorms, but there are several apartment complexes nearby that other students are staying in.
Food and Dining
do not offer food on campus, but you are close to the heart of grand rapids with many delicious options.
What to do for fun
this is grand rapids! there is always something happening during the summer, and art prize also is a huge thing to look at while it is going.
Great for these types of students
seems great for students really driven and serious about going into the film industry.
Campus Safety
the campus is close to some soup kitchens and other organisations that help the homeless. however, it is still a very safe area as 99% of them are harmless. you can always ask a teacher or another student to escort you to your car if you are really nervous. they are very conscientious and it is a very safe campus.