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Grand Junction, CO, USA


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Average ACT Composite: 21
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Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-982-6372
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

The main tip I would give prospective students is to not base your college choice solely on the money you are going to have to spend. Any college is going to cost quite a bit, so you might as well pay the extra few thousand a year to go to one you love rather than to go to one you feel you have to settle for. If you're going to go to a school like Mesa, go there because you want to, not just because it might cost a little less than the next school.
Tara from Fruita, CO
1.) Have an idea of what you want to do
2.) Loans and grants are okay, but have a plan of how you're going to pay them back.
3.) Be open and have fun!
Jennifer from Grand Junction, CO
1. Go to the FYI (Freshman Year Initiative) program before school starts - it's most certainly worth it.

2. Get involved with the activities on campus. There are 19 NCAA Div. II sports on campus, plus 5 up and coming. If you don't want to play pro, then there are tons of club sports that you can be a part of.
Brandon from Monument, CO
A good tip to embrace for prospective students is to always keep your heart and your mind clear and open to the wonders of an intense education and the people you meet because of that education. College is a significantly important and thrilling opportunity to develop oneself as a student, leader, and person in general. There are so many different individuals in the world with so much to offer, and I believe that it is important to remove judgements based off of sexual orientation, race, or background. Always remember to be kind to everyone you meet, always remember to listen hard when being taught or spoken too, and last but more important than anything, ALWAYS GO TO CLASS!
Leah from Colorado Springs, CO
Live on campus the first few years. You will meet your best friends, and learn so much about yourself and life in general. There is always something going on on campus that nearly all students enjoy immensely. The food may not always be something you will enjoy, but if you tell chef he will make something that you, as well as others, enjoy.
Rose from Bennett, CO
I would suggest doing as many of your classes online. Some of the classes are hybrids between actual class time and Internet courses and it is great to do those types of classes. A word of caution, however, in the health class that all students must take, I have had trouble with submitting assignments. At the end of the semester I found that I had gotten a very low grade and discovered that my professor hadn't received my assignments at all.
Jennifer from Louisville, CO
1.) Laundry is free at the dorms, that's something to be happy about.
2.) Use your meal plan. Regardless of which one you're on (not counting the commuter plans of course) you get a high amount of swipes. Even the cheaper plan gives you 1000 swipes. Seriously if you're hungry, go eat. Those swipes will just disappear if you don't use them.
3.) Go to class. Some classes depend on your attendance as an actual grade.
4.) There is an Albertson's just across the street on the east side of campus, but even though there are sales going on, the prices are still a bit obnoxious compared to everyone else. I'd only recommend going there if you don't have any other means of transportation to get you to Walmart or something.
5.) If you have a car, bring it. Other than Albertson's, there isn't really much options around campus within walking distance. Most stores such as Walmart are on the other side of Interstate 70, which is impossible to get there by walking. Having a care will save you money in the long run, rather than always taking an Uber or taxi places.
Amber from Henderson, CO
If you are annoyed by the city life i would recommend this university because the community is safe and there are a lot of outdoor activities. The school is not that big and not small either you can get to the other side of the campus in less than 15 minutes depending on how fast you walk. the dorms are close to the classes so even if you wake up late you can get to your classes in time.
JAVIER from San Antonio, TX
For the prospective students how intend to come to this school, the classes are tough but then again that is because they are college classes. The teachers expect a lot from you because it is a college campus. But the people are very nice and very helpful. We have tutoring programs available for those that struggle. And the food here is awesome.
Tyler from Grand Junction, CO
If getting a chance to live in a mid size town with beautiful sites to see, Mesa is a good choice.Mesa can be the opportunity to enjoy many clubs on campus. While studying, the wi-fi speed is excellent.
Thomas from Grand Junction, CO