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What Students Are Saying

One of the biggest recommendations I would suggest for students planning on or are going to attend CCS is to be aware of time management. One of the main problems students have is managing their time efficiently and staying on top of their work. It is also very important that students put forth their best effort and work hard. Students who do not work hard and/or don't put a lot of effort into their work will not last long here. Even if your work is not the best in the class or up to par for what it should be, as long as your teachers know you are trying your personal best and putting in the time for your work, that's what matters. I think it is also really important for students to be prepared for how much money they are about to spend here. There are a lot of art supplies needed especially in the first year and it is very costly. Try to save as much money as you can before attending here because you will probably end up spending a lot more money than anticipated on supplies. I would also strongly suggest getting to know your fellow peers, upperclassmen, teachers, and staff. Networking is a huge part of life at CCS and the people here are a big part in helping you while you are in school and later on in your career. It is also important to use the resources available to you are here like the gnomon workshop,, printmaking, etc. Outside of school these resources cost money, might as well use them here as their costs are built into an overall resource fee. I would finally recommend getting to know the city of Detroit and its culture because it is a big part of CCS. There are a lot of art galleries and upcoming studios in the local area and it would be a good idea to check them out.
Don't let the work load intimidate you; the hard work and time you put in to understand of what you want as a artist and a career will drive you to be sucessful and pave a path for yourself; stay strong and always give 110% in the end its all about you and what you want to make of yourself, it is up to you to make you're mark in the world!
Ashley from Ottawa, IL
1. Don't procrastinate.
2. Ask for help if you're getting behind or having difficulties.
3. Take advantage of the facilities.
4. Don't stress too much and take a break if you need it.
CCS student
Ask your art teachers to pack on the heat now, this way, you won't be shocked when you have 6 hours of homework per class per week.

Also, ignore the person who said go into crafts. You want to go into Entertainment Arts.
Rachel from Troy, MI
Whatever you do, don't procrastinate. If you're going to commit to CCS you have to be ready to not sleep some nights. This is preparing you for the real world; the holding of your hands ended when you received your high school diploma.
Nathaniel from Troy, MI
Don't play around and have great time-management. This school will make you or break you. If you fall behind it is extremely hard to catch up and all-night projects are common here.
O'Shea from Southfield, MI
Look for scholarships early. Be prepared to work hard and be challenged.
Jane from Michigan
Don't come to this school expecting not to do work, this school will keep you working. Make sure you are good at time management or else you're going to be losing a lot of sleep trying to get your work done.
Joshua from Novi, MI
Tips for prospective students is that you have to make sure you're passionate about what your doing as well making deadlines meet. When doing work that is specifically art related i feel that in order for you to achieve great success you have to enjoy it. You need to make sure your having fun while meeting homework requirements and projects but also need to have a set pace to understand that projects assigned, just like in the job world, have to be completed before the deadline.
Work Hard!
Get involved!
Don't forget to eat and sleep!
Do not pull all nighters!
Time managment is key here!
Hannah from Dearborn Heights, MI