College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI, USA


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Student:Faculty Ratio
US National: 21:1
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Graduate in 4 Years US National: 28%
Graduate in 6 Years US National: 52%

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What Students Are Saying

The academics are very strenuous and demand a ton of work and time. You are constantly working on a lot of projects at once and it is very important to stay on top of your work for this reason. You can't get away with procrastinating because you will become really behind in your work and fall behind in your classes. You really need to start your projects when they are first assigned to you and work on them little by little so you can finish all your assignments on time. Art takes time to complete and you can't just make it up or copy from other people. It is important to use as much time as possible (that you have) to complete an assignment and to give yourself more time than you think you will need to finish a project. When you rush to complete your work mistakes always seem to happen, so don't let the same happen to you!
Wonderful classes that are always pushing you to get to the next level and become a better artist all in the process!
Ashley from Ottawa, IL
You shouldn't have an issue if you stay focus. The foundation classes (freshman year) are necessary for future courses. The better a student's drawing and design skills are the less difficult advance classes should be.
CCS student
Expect to work your butt off! This is the art equivalent of Harvard, so there is a lot at stake. You will make friends, but don't expect to have too many close friends or dating opportunities. A girl on my facebook said CCS is nothing like I imagined. Instead of making new friends, everyone is like 'friends? no thanks, I'd rather do my homework'. That is very true.
Rachel from Troy, MI
Its something you just have to be ready for. At CCS its sink or swim. If you're not ready to swim you shouldn't have jumped in the water.
Nathaniel from Troy, MI
The workload is massive, leaving you with little time for side activities during the weekdays. Manage your time carefully and this won't be a problem. Weekends can be used to catch up, stay on top of your game, or do whatever makes you happy or inspire you.
O'Shea from Southfield, MI
This will make you a good artist. You will be working with kids who have the same passion as you, and that creates friendly competition and you always strive to be better than each other. The teachers will challenge you also, they have a standard and that standard is usually high. They will push you to your limits. There are also class critics, and after a few weeks into first semester students don't pull punches, so don't take them personally.
Joshua from Novi, MI
When attending College for Creative Studies you need to make sure you understand what professors are trying to teach you. You need to ask questions when you don't understand a lecture or study and you need to learn how to have fun. Homework just like in high school will be tedious but you need to learn how to finish deadlines before there due and have fun doing the work you are assigned.
This curriculum is tough! Prepare yourself, and get a planner, You will need it.
Hannah from Dearborn Heights, MI