City Colleges of Chicago-Olive-Harvey College
Chicago, IL, USA


City Colleges of Chicago-Olive-Harvey College

Michaiah from Chicago, IL

a current student here
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In three sentences
olive-harvey has challenged me to be a critical thinker. i have learned a vast of information in my first semester there. i'm looking towards a brighter future with my studies i've learned.
Tips for prospective students
become well acquainted with those in leadership and set yourself apart from the mediocre students.
Academic Rigor
they have challenging teachers that love what they do and that is to teach. you must be willing to learn and speak up in class or you will be left behind.
Dorm Life
i currently live off campus with my parents and its great!
Food and Dining
they do not have tasteful dining area remote to the school. except for the cafeteria food it is awesome!
What to do for fun
i mostly study and look forward to class discussions. #fun
Bang for the buck
the cost for credit hour is $89, great education and for a reasonable price.
Great for these types of students
the type of students that fit olive-harvey would be mature, precocious and focused. this school is know for being the panthers, i suggest you come to school with an aggressive attitude on learning.
Clubs and Activities
student government association is a great club to be a member of because it allows you be in the know of who's who. it also helps you engage more in the school activities.
Greek Life
phi theta kappa is an honor society and you have to be academically competitive to be a member.
Campus Safety
the strict guards are very strict when it come to securing the facilty. i once never was able to enter the building without proper identification; therefore, i feel safe.
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