California State University-Dominguez Hills
Carson, CA, USA


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4 Year
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Small city
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Fall Regular DecisionDecember 4
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$48k - $75k
$75k - $110k

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What Students Are Saying

For all incoming freshmen I would encourage them to take the summer bridge program. I know the thought of taking summer school before college is the last thing on your mind but it really prepares you for what to expect during the fall. Go to all of the orientations because it helps you meet people and make friends before you officially start. It also helps you get acquainted to the campus as well. Go to the games, mixers, or other events at the school. Don't miss out on anything. These are your best years, make sure to enjoy them. Also if you are having trouble in any of your classes do not hesitate to ask questions or get tutoring. They offer free tutoring so I would recommend that you take advantage of it.
Current Business student
The paperwork requirements are very detailed, start early filling out and gathering your documents or you could be left out of matriculation.
A nurse
When I first enrolled here, my admission was somewhat revoked due to my previous high school making an error. I'd advise students to check with their high school whether their final transcripts have the date they've graduated. Other than that, I'd also advise them to check their emails and accounts online to know what they're getting and what they have to do at the university before feeling relaxed.
Veronica from Norwalk, CA
Go to the orientations. The campus is not very big therefore it is easier to get familiar with it. Make new friends that you can hang out with during the fall. If you can stay at the dorms its super fun and a great experience. Make sure you take care of your financial aid ASAP! Register with time and make these your best years.
Azalia from Vista, CA
A smart tip for future students is, take a campus tour and get familiar with the campus. Also, the classrooms are numbered from the 100's to 500's. Each floor has is leveled in hundreds. For example, all classrooms in floor level one are in the 100's and all the classrooms in level two are in the 200's and so on.
Hugo from Los Angeles, CA
This seems like a very nice school. A great environment. Makes you feel at home.
Antonio from Long Beach, CA
If you plan on attending Dominguez or any college I suggest you get involved on campus. It’s a way to meet new people and gives a reason not to go straight home. Also, to attend class because my first year I skipped a lot and my gpa was below a 2.0 and limited what I could do. You’ll enjoy college especially at Dominguez Hills.
Destiny - Desert Hot Springs, CA
Future Toros, get to know your campus - the University Advisement Center, the Career Center, your major adviser - and the people who live and work here. These are very valuable resources for you. Check out the Health Center, get involved in extracurriculars such as free exercise classes, nutrition counseling, tutoring, clubs and organizations; make study buddies and use the computer labs or Wi-Fi on campus. The librarians are especially helpful if you need to do some research, and forging connections with your professors will help you to succeed as you study here, as well as provide you with references when it's time to apply to graduate schools.
Christina from Long Beach, CA
The best tip I can give out is that no matter the rumors that you hear that the school is bad and what not it is not true. Many say that because it is next to compton it is a terrible school. Compton isn't even an issue to the school as it is like 10 minutes away and does not interfere with the city of carson. Also if you'd like to get into technicalities, USC is also in a poor area, so why not also bash on USC then if you have that kind of mentality. Also do not believe the rumors that are said about CSUDH accepting anyone no matter how low their GPA or terrible grades or without completing any pre-requisites, as this rumor is not true. The school is not lenient, the school will look at your GPA and will make sure that you have completed all required work. The school is diverse, (yes african americans and hispanics are the majority) but there is a little bit of everything on campus. Also the classes are not easy, those who say that they are easy are either lying or had a professor that honestly did not really care about teaching and rewarded the students with good grades. You must study, and study well as it will be the only way to graduate.
Elizabeth from Hawthorne, CA