Baker College of Jackson
Jackson, MI, USA

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What Students Are Saying

One of the things I love about Baker is that I pay ( Tuition ) as much at LCC as I do at Baker. Not only do they provide me with a higher quality of education, but I get more perks going to Baker than where I was at ( LCC ) For example, at Baker I pay around 9,000$ a year for tuition and pay for my classes, my labs, my books and student parking is free. While at LCC I had to pay 9,000$ for a year while it only payed for my classes and books. I had to pay for parking and extra fees.
Megan from Stockbridge, MI
Tuition is not very expensive here. Tuition is only about $2,000 to $5,000. A better alternative instead of spending a quarter of a million going to a recognized university. Almost anyone can afford this college.
Nicole from Albion, MI