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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-521-5293
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Don't be afraid to be completely, wholly, two hundred percent yourself. The college welcomes and embraces individuality, whether you're a double-jointed concert pianist, looking to double major in International Studies and Studio Art, or a left-handed unicycle enthusiast with blue hair. It's no joke when we say we like unusual combinations.
Roma from Morristown, NJ
Visit the campus; talk to the professors, but do not be wooed by the admission staff, because when you get into Allegheny you won't see these people very often, and them knowing your name and where your from will not really matter. Also I would not suggest staying over night, since it does not give you the true experience of living on your own.
Amy from Fort Worth, TX
Don't be intimidated by the academic rigor, there are so many support systems put in place to help you!

Keep your dorm door open and meet the people living in your hall!

Visit the learning commons when you're struggling with homework, they are miracle workers and will help you with anything!

Get involved!! Whether it be campus employment, intramural sports or Greek Life, there is something just for you! You WILL find your place here at Allegheny.
Tessa from Meadville, PA
Be sure that you like snow if you're considering Allegheny - there's a lot of it here! Also, be resourceful and check out as many of the links on the school's webpages as you can - sometimes, procedures for different things (like student employment and financial aid) aren't spelled out for you when you get here, and you need to do a little research. If you ever really get stuck, though, be sure to call someone and ask before it becomes a big problem - any person I've ever talked to is always willing to help with any problem or question. Also, if you have a roommate problem, try to talk it out with them. If you can't, get your RA involved; moving into a new room is an option, but be sure to try to work out any problems, because as this is a small school, you most likely will see your old roomie again, and having been kind and courteous before will make this much easier.
Visit campus - it's beautiful. There's a wonderful mix of hundred-year-old brick architecture with state-of-the-art modern buildings. Also, make sure you understand the credit requirements; especially that there's no core curriculum. Ask plenty of questions about the Senior Comprehensive project as well.
Katie from Philadelphia, PA
My only tip is to come visit! You will absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous campus (unless you come when the weather makes the snow slushy or when it is incessantly raining). But campus really is beautiful and the people here are one of a kind. You think you are certain of the schools you have chosen, but once you visit, your mind can change. A school can be everything you want on paper, and once you visit, it just may not be right. Your gut feeling about your school options tells you a lot. If it does not feel right, it probably will not be. So come on out and visit; I have a feeling you just might fall in love with it!
Alicia from Kaukauna, WI
Don't look at the price tag and refuse to apply! Allegheny provides great financial aid packages and if for some reason you still can not afford the price call financial aid and send them a letter. For me personally the FASFA doesn't accurately show how much money my parents could afford. We pay out $20,000 to $30,000 in medical bills that is not taken into account by the FASFA. I wrote the financial aid office and showed them our tax returns and they made it so that I could afford Allegheny without putting strain on m parents. It was one of my most affordable colleges.
Danielle from Swanton, OH
The one thing I would definitely focus on is learning how to balance your time. On multiple occasions I would hear many friends pulling unnecessary all nighters. Fortunately for me I never had that issue. The key to avoiding excess stress, at least for me, was to immediately start the work assigned in a class the day it was given instead of doing it the next day. Not only was there more time to work on it but by Thursday afternoon I had no more work to worry about until the weekend.
My only thing that I would say tip wise would probably be to make sure you have money, a decent number of scholarships in line, or be willing to work. They do give a decent number of merit scholarships, but that does not make the college any less pricey.
Your academic record is incredibly important but don't forget to pay attention to extra-curricular activities! Also, visiting was very helpful to me. Try to visit when students are not on break to get a better feel for the campus.
Tashina from Orrville, OH