Adler University
Chicago, IL, USA


Adler University

Jul@ from Puerto Rico

a current student here
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In three sentences
If you are interest in working with minorities group and marginalized communities Adler School is the indicated. Located in the middle of Chicago, Adler School offer a professional and diverse environment while you learn and share ideas with people with your same career interest. The faculty are highly prepared whom provide the knowledge to impact the society through people life improvement.
Tips for prospective students
Get the require documentation by the time requested!
Academic Rigor
Highly competitive
Dorm Life
Look by yourself where to live since the school doesn't provide housing.
Food and Dining
Uncountable restaurants for all taste.
What to do for fun
You will never get bored at Chicago! Dinning, shopping, festivals, night life all week, beach (lake) during summer... All can you imagine will encounter at this magnificent city.
Campus Safety
Don't all the people have access to the institution, there is a guard at the lobby and visitors have to register with him or she.