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How to Ace Your Scholarship Interview

How to Ace Your Scholarship Interview

Most scholarships require more than just a simple application. You may be asked to complete a number of additional requirements, such as an essay, a video submission or an interview. While you can create multiple drafts of an essay or a video, you only get one chance at an interview. But no need to worry! We’ll help you ace that interview!

Do Your Homework

The most important thing to do before any interview is prepare. Research your interviewer before you meet them by finding their LinkedIn profile. Study the administering agency as well; check out their site so you can learn the history of the organization. Another smart tip is to prepare answers ahead of time for common interview questions. Some questions you may hear include: What are your strengths and weaknesses, what are your academic goals and what do you do in your free time?

Dress the Part

Also, if you want the scholarship, dress as you would for a professional interview. Do not wear jeans or anything in poor condition. Stick to business casual clothing such as dresses, slacks, collared shirts and skirts. The more professional you look, the more seriously your interviewer will take you!

Be Real

You’ve done your research and you’re dressed professionally, so the next step is to make sure you answer questions honestly. If you do not understand one of the questions, ask your interviewer to clarify. Don’t bend the truth when it comes to your abilities or qualifications either. Stretching the truth in a scholarship will only harm you in the long run.

Let Your Personality Shine

Finally, just be yourself! If you were invited to interview for the scholarship, you are clearly qualified to receive the award. Show your interviewers what makes you stand out against the other candidates. And it’s okay if you get a little nervous, too. Interviewers understand that interviews are stressful. Just let your personality shine through and answer all questions to the best of your ability. 

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