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Services to Familiarize Yourself with On Campus

Services to Familiarize Yourself with On Campus


Colleges and universities host several free services that often are overlooked by students. These services can come in handy countless times throughout your time on campus, so getting to know them early is worth it. Here are some of the most helpful services.

Free Printing

Even if it’s a little far from your dorm or apartment, finding free printing is a huge deal. Bringing your own printer is a hassle and toner is expensive, but some courses still require physical submissions for papers and projects. 

Some schools offer inexpensive printing at libraries and student centers, but those costs add up. Ask students and faculty if they know of any buildings that offer free printing. You will never know if you don't ask.

Student Drivers/Safety Escorts

If you’re on or near campus when it's dark outside and want to safely get home, see if your school offers a free student rideshare service. It most likely does. Many schools have what's called a safety escort to promote safe transport around campus and the surrounding area. Call in advance to see if there will be a wait time.


One unknown benefit of living on campus is the storage that your dorm offers. If you need to stow your bike, unnecessary furniture or other large items, ask your residential assistant what storage facilities you have. Avoid paying for storage and benefit from this oft-forgotten resource.


Going to school near a big city has advantages, but getting to and from downtown can get expensive. Ask your financial aid office if it offers free transit passes or a reduced fare. If there’s a shuttle that takes students to the city for free, familiarize yourself with the schedule. 

If your financial aid office doesn’t have information on the topic, ask the local transit center if they have a deal with your school or at least offer student discounts.

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