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AP vs CLEP: Which is the right test for you?

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High school students are given plenty of opportunities to jumpstart their college career. There are so many ways to get ahead that it can be overwhelming sometimes. You can volunteer, take advanced classes and tests or participate in extracurricular activities. The Advanced Placement (AP) exam and the College Level Exam Program (CLEP) are just two of the routes you may take to get ahead in college. We can help you decide which test may be the better choice for you.

The AP Test

The AP test was created as a way for high-achieving students to get a head start on college courses. It is more well-known than CLEP, due to the fact that is promoted and offered in public schools. Students may take the AP exam after completing rigorous academic courses. The AP test is only offered in May and takes about three hours to complete.

Many schools offer students the chance to take a course to prepare for a specific AP exam. But if your school does not offer AP classes, you can find alternative ways to take a class. By taking an AP exam, students become more prepared for college classes. A high score on an AP exam may earn credit for specific college courses.

The CLEP Test

On the other hand, CLEP is not exclusively for incoming college students. Because CLEP allows students to earn credit for skills and knowledge they learned during internships or individual studies, adult students and military personnel may take this exam. CLEP is considered to be a better fit for self-motivated students with strong study skills, as they will need to prepare for the material on their own. Unlike the AP Exam, CLEP is offered year-round.

Although these exams have their differences, either is a great choice to help you to move forward in your chosen career. Study hard, ask for outside resources if you need it and these exams will benefit you in the long run!

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