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Useful Double Majors

Useful Double Majors


Although earning a double major requires more work, you can walk away with two degrees. Take a look at these subjects that pair well for a double major.

Communications and Biology

Medical schools and organizations want employees who can communicate effectively and compassionately with patients and clients beyond clinical interactions. If you're pre-med student, a communications double major can help you understand how to work with others. Even if you don't want to be a doctor or a nurse, health care organizations need employees who know how to communicate with vendors, clients, media and the public. 

Foreign Language and Political Science

Students hoping to enter an increasingly globalized workforce will benefit from studying political science, as well as a foreign language, especially one spoken in many different countries. Both majors teach students about history, culture, politics and economics. If you're considering working for a global organization or an international company, or you want to work with non-native English speakers at home, consider pairing these degrees. 

Economics and Psychology

Like political science and foreign languages, economics and psychology are relevant and widely applicable. Economics majors learn about the history of economic systems, as well as finance and business skills. Psychology offers important insights into the mind. Both disciplines compliment each other by revealing key things about the other. This combination is helpful in fields such as marketing, advertising, management and consulting. It's also great for students considering an M.B.A. 

Environmental Science and Public Policy

For students looking to make a positive change in the world, having an understanding of public policy is crucial. If you're looking to enter the public arena, you need to be well-versed in environmental issues. Environmental protection and preservation organizations need policy wonks and governmental agencies need environmental advocates.

Computer Information Systems and Accounting

Many computer information systems majors might not think to combine their degree with one in accounting. This combination prepares students for careers in IT consulting and technological research, which are booming fields that will continue to grow. Furthermore, if accounting is your passion, pair your degree with one in computer information systems to show employers that you're tech-savvy. 

Business and Art

Aspiring artists can make great use of business classes during their college careers. If you want to succeed as an artist, you'll need to market and sell your work. But art classes also can provide significant benefits for future business people. Future employers will be impressed with candidates who are in touch with their creative side and who can think outside the box. Though art and business seem like dissimilar fields, combining these degrees shows that your interests and talents are broad. 

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