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4 Year
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Small city
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Spring Regular DecisionJanuary 1
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Average ACT Composite: 26
Average SAT Composite: 1181
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$75k - $110k

Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 360-650-7369
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Invest in a pair of rain boots and a high quality jacket. When you have to walk through the lake that was once Red Square, you’ll thank me! Go to Info Fair before classes start in the fall. Not only will you get more detail on opportunities, but you can win gear, get some grub, and will never have to buy a pen (ever). If you enjoy reading the newspaper, grab a free copy of The New York Times by the library before you head to class. Attend at least one Open Mike Night on a Tuesday in the Underground Coffee House for laughs and lyrics. Study tip: If you’re looking for a reliable computer to work on, then make the trek to the 3rd floor of the Academic Instructional Center. Library and other academic building labs tend to be full or faulty, but these labs are the most recently constructed. Going to a school wondering ‘what will this school do for me?’ is not nearly as productive and engaging as ‘what can I do for this school?’ Produce real change at Western by serving on a committee, council, or the Student Senate, or by attending a forum. Western tries to put as many students as possible in jobs and positions that affect how the school is run. You make this school as prestigious, accommodating, and fun as you want it to be. I’ve presented a lot of options, but really the depth, not the breadth of what you pursue on campus determines whether or not you have a fulfilling experience. Invest in whatever gets you truly excited.
Patricia from Brush Prairie, WA
While at Western, don't be afraid to try new things! There is an information fair each fall a couple of days before school starts and all the clubs and various student organizations turn out to connect to students and get people involved in the student community. If you love sports but find that you aren't exactly varsity material, give intramural sports a try! These are student run sports teams that compete against each other throughout their season, and there's even a tournament at the end of the season to decide the season's champion. The winner even gets The Shirt to show that he's won! Also, membership to the student rec center is included with tuition, so be sure to make the most out of that and try a class or two at the rec center. No matter your level of physical fitness, the rec center has something for everyone!
Stephanie from Spokane, WA
If you are from out of area, like I was, I recommend making sure you know about the area you are moving into. Bellingham is a great place but the weather does get to some people and can make it seem like you hate the school. Make sure you have a good pair of rain boots and high quality rain coat. Its no fun walking through the slippery, puddled bricks on campus in tennis shoes and jeans and having to go to class sopping wet. Western students have a very laid back personality and everyone that I ever dealt with was very friendly. The bus system is a great way to get around and can take you pretty much anywhere.
Alyssa from Carpinteria, CA
Remember, even when it seems like you'll need a boat to cross the mudpuddles, the sun will return. Don't forget to have fun.
Erin from Olympia, WA
Get to know your professors! Sit towards the front and answer questions in class so they know that you're keeping up with the reading. Make sure to impress professors that are teaching a course that is integral to your major, because you never know if that professor will be able to pull some strings for you in the future.
Hannah from Camas, WA
When entering as a freshmen you do not want to take courses that are too difficult. Take classes that you can handle and gradually get acclimated with the college lifestyle. Get involved in clubs, intramurals, or other extra curricular activities that will enable you to meet people from other parts of the state or country.
Anthony from Seattle, WA
If you are considering attending WWU there are a few things to keep in mind. The lower level classes can become quite large and reach over 200 students. Once you get into your discipline though class sizes drop dramatically and most students are able to receive some great one on one experience. With this in mind it is very important to speak up in classes. It can be very easy to be intimidated in a large classroom but by adding to the classroom discussion it becomes very easy to create a small classroom feel.
Connor from Bellingham, WA
you will love the campus and the people that live here. the classes are challenging but not overkill for a college freshman.
Kyle from Shoreline, WA
Get out there. Say hello to people you sit next to, make conversation, get to know the people and places around you. Be curious, innovative, creative, and bold. If you go to WWU be prepared to become one with nature. It's usually rainy and windy so get a good raincoat and a pair of rain-boots. If you don't know if this is the place for you, spend a day here. Really get into it; sit in on a class, explore campus, explore downtown Bellingham, see a dorm room, talk to current and past students. You won't know what it is really like till you see it but once you do, you should know, it's a very open and welcoming campus.
Student from Duvall, WA
When first arriving at the school no matter how awkward you may feel, do your best to go around and meet new people because you will most definitely run into them again whether it be a class or just on campus. The population is over 14,000 people now but it seems that no matter what the numbers you always seem to see those that you have met before. Another tidbit of information is to take the tour of campus and go around as often as possible to the different buildings on your free time and go inside to find the best study spots because you will be needing those down the road. For the most part everyone is friendly up here at Western and in Bellingham so don't be afraid to smile and enjoy yourself here. Oh, side note, get acquainted with Bellingham! It is an amazing town with some of the coolest spots any town could ask for. You will consider yourself fortunate to be in such a friendly, fun, relaxed place while chasing after your career.
Travis from Kent, WA