West Shore Community College
Scottville, MI, USA


West Shore Community College

Carly from Ludington, MI

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
One of the things I enjoy most about West Shore Community College (WSCC) is the small class sizes and one-on-one interaction with the instructors. All of the instructor's I've had so far have been very helpful during and outside of class hours, making sure contacting them with questions or concerns wasn't a problem.
Am enjoying being here
The school itself is very pleasant, with a beautiful campus and friendly staff. One main thing about WSCC that really took me by surprise was the Student Senate. The group is very proactive and plans at least one activity per month, creating a fun environment and student life that I wouldn't have anticipated from such a small school - especially since we don't have any sports teams. I've been working with the Senate since the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester and love the opportunity to make student's ideas a reality.

The only thing that holds me back from being 100% thrilled with WSCC is the rural location.
Bang for the buck
WSCC is most certainly worth the expense. Since it's a Community College, it's quite reasonable. Prior to attending, I was worried that the education I would receive would mediocre or below par. However, I have found the classes to be just the right amount of difficult - hard enough to challenge me, but not discourage me.
Tips for prospective students
Check, double check and then triple check what classes you need for your degree. Do the exact same, and possibly even quadruple check, when finding out what schools your 2-year degree transfers to, if planning to transfer.
Great for these types of students
West Shore Community College is a great place for anyone looking to gain more knowledge without the hugeness of university. One really fantastic thing about this college is the diversity in age of students - it's really encouraging to see adults from the community attending classes, and I think that there's a lot the younger students can learn from them.

Christopher from Ludington, MI

a current student here
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In three sentences
An ideal place for students in the area to get a great head start on post high-school education. Comfortable atmosphere welcoming all ages of students, as well as a highly qualified faculty. Mason County is experiencing a lot of attention for its Arts, Music, and Culture lately, thanks in large part to West Shore's presence in the community.
Food and Dining
Beans & Bread Caf�© offers a decent menu, and special of the day (Mon. - Thur.) is hit or miss but is nice to have. Given the size of the school this caf�© is sufficient in meeting the needs of student and faculty.
What to do for fun
Enjoy the center stage theater. Go play disc golf on their course. Go for a hike on one of the wilderness trails. Go to the recreation center for swimming, exercise, basketball, or ice skating. Join the different clubs; AV, Gaming, 4-H, and there are more I'm certain.
Bang for the buck
Good price for tuition and great professor's make W.S.C.C. totally worth it.
Great for these types of students
Law Enforcement, Nursing, Music, Theater, Arts, Educators, 1 and 2 Year Certificate, Advanced Placement High School Students.
Campus Safety
Kept clean of snow during winter. No hazards or crime to speak of.