University of North Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX, USA


University of North Texas at Dallas

Maria from Dallas, TX

a current student here
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In three sentences
UNT at Dallas allows a quality education at a fraction of the cost. The programs offered here will help you prepare for a career or grad schools! The flexibility of classes offered here make it easier to obtain your degree while employed.
Tips for prospective students
Get into the habit of managing your time wisely. If you work, develop a balance between school and your responsiblities that will not leave you stressed.

Prioritize but most importanly have fun. There are lots of great organizations on campus that allow the opportunity.
Academic Rigor
The classes are challenging and your grades depend on the effort you put into the class.
Dorm Life
Our brand new dorm hall opened up this semester for those students who want to live on campus!
Food and Dining
There are plenty of places to eat near campus and the cafe has great food as well.