Ivy Tech Community College-East Central
Muncie, IN, USA


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What Students Are Saying

i think that the academic requirements are very high. they do not want people who are not going to be hard workers. they have good standards set.
Neesha from Portland, IN
Achieve a very good GPA of a 2.0 or above
Samuel from Muncie, IN
Ivy Tech is known for their statement, Teach me and I will try to learn, show me and I may learn, but let me follow your steps and I will understand! - I agree with this statement, as I learn better hands-on, and much of the Ivy Tech syllabus is hands-on, so the students will understand what they are learning.
Charity from Parker City, IN
Some of the classes are intense, but the instructors are always willing to help. There is also tutoring available to help you with class work you don't understand. You can succeed!
Victoria from Muncie, IN