Estrella Mountain Community College
Avondale, AZ, USA


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What Students Are Saying

Just stay motivated!
Yolanda from Litchfield Park, AZ
This is a great school to take your science classes if you are planning on transferring to ASU, because EMCC using modeling to teach its science classes. Modeling is a self discovery way of learning and it is what ASU uses, so by taking your basic sciences here you get a feel for how you will be learning at ASU.
Jennie from Glendale, AZ
Classes fill up fast-register early! There are clubs and activities on campus to help you get involved and meet new people!
dave from Avondale, AZ
If you want the actual or stereotype college/ university experience this might not be the best place. However, I really do recommend it for Seniors to look into just because it will be WAY cheaper to start off here and the transition will not be as over whelming or dramatic as if you wen straight from HS to say ASU. Also study before the placement exams, everyone has to take them. If you get these scores or better you will get a presidential scholarship and your tuition will be paid IN FULL for if I remember right your 2 first years!
Placement into:
Honors English 101
Exempt from Critical Reading 101
Math 121 or higher (aka 74 or higher on the ALEKS test)

Try to take it before summer, and get registrar as soon as you can, summer is VERY busy. There is NO appointments to see advisors only walk ins. Expect at least an hour wait, even if you get there right as they open, you might cut down a few minutes but not too much. Seriously, I 110% finished HS July 30th, getting me enrolled was horrible. TONS of waiting and basically just took what classes were open my classes all have an hour wait time in-between. Also if you take the test while your in school you're a lot more likely to have the information fresh in your mind, so don't wait until like July when 1/2 the information has escaped your mind! Otherwise a class might be more of a boring review then learning mostly fresh new material!

ALSO do not be afraid if you are an older student. I was shocked at how many were older then me and had kids, etc. I new I was younger but in reality only a small group kids in all 4 of my classes are my age. A lot of people who hadn't been in school for 10+ years are in all your classes, don't be surprised if at your placement testing you see some older students!
Brittney from Avondale, AZ
Visit Estrella Mountain and ask for a tour. They are very nice and helpful people.
Michael from Buckeye, AZ
Talk to current students about their favorite teachers/ classes. I have had some excellent professors, and some that could have been better. There are definitely choices, so put some time into your selections!
Mackenzie from Wickenburg, AZ
When enrolling to Estrella Mountain Community College take the PAW sessions, and the orientation, where mostly all questions regarding school life can be answered.

As well, make sure to take advantage of the Student Center, and Tutoring Services that the school provides.

The library has an extensive collection of books, articles, and more, not just on campus, but online as well.

Be active in campus activities, and your college life experience will be filled with positive memories instead of negative ones.
Jenny from Goodyear, AZ
* Find out what clubs will benefit you the most and stick with them.
*If you qualify for honors sign up and make sure to finish what is expected of you.
* Always, Always research your teachers before taking them, and find who works best with your learning style.
* Come open minded
* Don't just hang out with one group, get to know as many people you can.
* Get teacher recommendations.
* Find a really good adviser, and when you do, hang on for dear life. They are few and far between.
El Mirage, AZ
Always stay focus and do not let anyone ruin or rain on your parade. In the end you are all you have so you have to make sure you stay focus and maintain good grades so you can keep your G.P.A because if not it will hunt you in the end. Just stay focus and positive and determine.
Lafaye from Phoenix, AZ