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Clarks Summit, PA, USA


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What Students Are Saying

Definitely visit the campus during the school year. Everyone is very welcoming and it would be a good time to see if it would be a good fit for you. Also, be ready for all kinds of weather. My first year, I ruined about 4 pairs of shoes because of the random torrential rain storms and the excessive salt during the snowy winters.
Hannah from Clarks Summit, PA
-Expect to grow spiritually when attending. Let God work in you!
-If you come from a background like mine perhaps, don't let any of it concern you! There will be so many loving, Godly people around you to make you feel comfortable there.
-Plan on being a part of the organizations/clubs that happen beyond school-time. I have learned so much about missionary/inner-city work by being a part of SMF at school (and it's honestly made my desire to do missionary/inner-city work deepen since I've learned so much about it).
-Enjoy reading. Not everyone loves reading, but--specifically books needing to be read for assignments--have a purpose & you can always learn so much by the material that is assigned to you for classes.
Emma from Johnstown, PA
1) Take advantage of the fact that your professors desire to know you and help you to grow. A lot of students brush this fact aside and miss out on amazing opportunities for new friendships/mentors for life.

2) Take your classes seriously, but still have fun. Pay attention in class, show your professors that you care, do your homework, but don't become so obsessed with homework and being a perfectionist that you miss out on dorm life, or just college life in general.

3) Get involved in leadership. Some majors do not allow too much time for much involvement in extra-curricular activities, but try to do what you can without over-bearing yourself. In other words, don't take on three or four different leadership roles and not expect for it to damage your quality in school work. Make sure that what you are taking on is something that you can handle, but don't hold back on doing something great just because you are scared.

4) Manage your time the best you can. This is something that is very difficult for anyone to, but if you can learn how to use your time wisely, you quite the happy camper through-out college. Setting aside specific times to homework or activities is one way to help get onto a schedule.
Samantha from Rochester, NY
- Visit the school first, stay over night. See what the students are like and visit the classes.
- Apply for as many scholarships as you can, every little bit helps
- Don't cross a school off because of its cost.
Gina from East Bangor, PA
Apply Early! You get money towards your tuition if you apply and get accepted early.

Andrew from Cherry Hill, NJ
If you don't want to be changed completely by the Holy Spirit, don't come. This school changes you, for the good!
Hannah from North Tonawanda, NY
Come ready to be challenged to grow in your faith in God.
David from Cape Neddick, ME
Research different schools before deciding on ANY college, not just BBC. Look at all your options and create a plan of action, don't just roll into it blind.
Kelsey from Westfield, NY
Do dual enrollment during your junior or senior year of high school. BBC has a great deal ($345 per 3-credit course) for dual enrollment, and it will save you time and money in the long run!
Rachel from Pottersville, NY
Visit this campus! You will not be disappointed! :D
Morgan from Waldorf, MD