Black River Technical College
Pocahontas, AR, USA


Black River Technical College

Brittany from Pocahontas, AR

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I love the teachers, they are very helpful and super nice. They offer different ways to be tutored such as Plato, student tutors, and teachers tutor if needed. We have Distance Education opportunities, hybrid classes, and day and night classes. We also offer (if grades are high enough) to be in Phi Theta Kappa, open to men and women with high GPA's. We even have part-time job opportunities here at the college campus.
Am enjoying being here
It is very enjoyable here. We have a beautiful campus, it's not too big to walk across and everyone is very friendly and helpful.
Bang for the buck
It is a lot cheaper to go here for two years than it is to go to any four-year college close to here. You are not required to stay in a dorm on campus and you do not have to shell out a lot of money for lunches. We have plenty of choices to choose from for lunch for less than six dollars for a full lunch including meat, vegetables, and a dessert or if you want to buy one of them that is available also. Breakfast is served to those who want it as well.
Tips for prospective students
All I can really say is come and check out the campus, if you don't like it then you don't have to commit to coming here. If you do like it, then it's an excellent college to attend. It is cheaper in the long run to attend college here first and transfer than it is to go to a four-year college the entire time.
Great for these types of students
Anyone and everyone is a good fit for this college, we have a good diversity.