Best Liberal Arts Colleges & Programs in Vermont

How are the Top Liberal Arts Programs Chosen in Vermont

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Bennington College

Bennington College is a progressive liberal arts college, the hub at which global opportunities converge, and a launching pad for careers of meaning. Our campus prepares leaders, intellectual change-makers, and artists by empowering them to shape...


I recently had a tour at Bennington College and I also attended an information session. The impression I got was that Bennington College offers students an amazing education for several reasons:
1. Students learn what they want to learn: Students...

” – A high school senior from northern VT
Sterling College
Craftsbury Common, VT
Sterling College

Sterling College is an environmentally-focused college in northern Vermont and the only work college in New England. Sterling confers bachelor’s degrees in Ecology, Environmental Humanities, Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, and...

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Landmark College is a private liberal arts and sciences college designed for students diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention disorders such as ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder. The Vermont campus houses a research institute...


I'd be a great experience for people with learning disabilities to be able to attend Landmark College. People wouldn't feel like they're alone because they have a disability. Honestly, everyone is unique by being who they are.

” – Kylie from Waipahu, HI