Avila University
Kansas City, MO, USA


Avila University

Brittany from Blue Springs, MO

a current student here
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Am enjoying being here
In my opinion school is school no matter where you are or if you're in high school or college. However, I love living on campus and my roommates are great. The school is fairly small and I though I don't know everyone, it is a very friendly campus with lots of activities and opportunities of involvement. For example, during finals week we have free massages and activities to relieve stress. They do what they can to help you through.
Bang for the buck
Avila is not easy on the pocketbook by any means, but if you really want to attend, they will work with you and help you find the money to pay for education. Out of the 24,000 I have paid about 4,000 out of pocket for the year. I have 2 loans totaling 5500, but considering what many people have to take out at any college that is pretty good. Get involved in the school and they will help. Plus their education is great and exceeds many schools in the area. If you really want to come to Avila, talk to your admissions representative and keep in touch. They will help you get here.
Tips for prospective students
Avila is a small school and yes they are more expensive than some schools, but their education is great! The teachers and faculty all care about the students and will help them succeed. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming but trust me it's not as bad as you think it is. Just come ready to work toward what you want and let Avila get you where you want to be.
Great for these types of students
Any student who is willing to put forth effort in their education and wants to succeed should definitely come here. I guarantee whatever work you put into your education here will pay off. Avila is a school that will help you reach your goals the future you want for yourself.
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A Girl from Imperial, MO

researching this school
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Academic Rigor
From what I could tell, the professors really took the time to know their students. It's a smaller private school, though, so that's not hard to imagine. However, it was clear from work in many of the hallways what kind of classes were there and the work put into the projects. I've found in the past that professors/teachers that are passionate about what they teach are the ones that can inspire that dedication in so many students.
Dorm Life
It's nothing really special; they are small, but they are nice. The building is a bit run-down and dark, but the rooms are easily customized.
Food and Dining
It's a step above your high school cafeteria school, but not much more than that. If I recall correctly, they have a cereal bar in the lunch room, so there's always that if you don't like what they are currently serving.
Clubs and Activities
As a small school, Avila tries to incorporate many different activities. They actually encourage new ideas; so, if you're preferred club or activities isn't currently around, make it! The people are really friendly, too.
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