Appily: Your Students' Headquarters for Everything College

Introducing the all-in-one website built to bring confidence to college search! Appily is the best place on the Internet for high school students to plan, decide, and apply to college. We're bringing the power of Appily, YouVisit, College Greenlight, and Concourse together to support students at each step in their admissions journey.

With Appily, students can research colleges, find and apply for scholarships, take virtual tours, access resources for their college exploration process, and even match with colleges that are interested in admitting them - no application required!

The new all-in-one student website for confident college choices.

The path to higher education can feel like a maze of uncertainties, where each turn leads to more confusion. That's why we created Appily, to serve as a guiding star for students, ready to illuminate their pathway to success.

Appily is the new consolidated home for EAB’s student-facing products related to first-time freshmen and transfer student enrollment, including the best-in-class resources formerly known as Appily, YouVisit, College Greenlight, and Concourse (Greenlight Match, Global Match).

Why are we launching Appily?

In EAB’s last several large-scale surveys of college-bound students, the students have told us in no uncertain terms that their anxiety about their future, about college, and about their likelihood to succeed is at an all-time high.

We are uniquely situated to support students as they face a complex, confusing, and overwhelming period in their lives. By uniting Search, Tours, and Match under one virtual roof, Appily offers resources that span students’ entire journey to college, creating a seamless, stress-free experience.

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What can students do on Appily?

Everything they need to Plan, Decide, and Apply to college with confidence!

  • Plan:
    • Think critically about their specific preferences and interests.
    • Find helpful information about colleges across the country.
    • Browse majors and identify areas of study to prepare them for their future careers.
    • Get answers to college- and admissions-related questions from over 400+ articles on a wide variety of topics. (Including resources for parents and educators!)
  • Decide:
    • Compare schools across thousands of data points, including cost.
    • Read reviews from other students.
    • Experience immersive virtual tours.
    • Calculate their chances of acceptance based on factors such as their personal test scores & GPA.
    • Browse the nation’s largest database of scholarships.
  • Apply:
    • Connect with schools interested in them.
    • Receive real offers of admission from Appily Match powered by Concourse.

Introducing EAB Match, powered by Concourse

Concourse’s revolutionary reverse admissions platform is a dynamic addition to Appily, the all-in-one website for confident college choices. Through this innovative partnership, students can choose to have colleges apply to them. This choice allows students to create simple profiles and begin receiving real admission and scholarship offers in as little as two weeks without submitting a single application. Even better, the platform is available at no cost to students, counselors, and schools. With over 70,000 admission offers and $2.2 billion in scholarships, Concourse and Appily are expanding access to higher education and creating an equitable process that empowers students.