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Scholarship Myths

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Finding a scholarship isn’t always a clear-cut process. Certain roadblocks can make you think you are not eligible for awards. But don't let scholarship myths stop you from earning the money you need for college.

MYTH: Small Scholarships Aren’t Worth It

It doesn’t matter if a scholarship is $100 or $10,000 because every bit helps. Take a look at scholarships offered by community foundations. There is less competition for these scholarships because they’re only open to students in the community. Winning multiple small scholarships adds up and can rival a more prestigious scholarship.

MYTH: Begin Your Scholarship Search Senior Year

Seniors are not the only students who are eligible for scholarships. Scholarships are offered to students as young as freshman. In order to get a serious jump on your scholarship search, you should begin looking no later than junior year.

MYTH: You Must Demonstrate Financial Need

There are plenty of scholarships that require financial need as an eligibility requirement, but there also are plenty that don’t require it. Take a look at more specialized scholarships that focus on things such as hobbies and talents instead of financial need.

MYTH: You Must Be a Great Writer to Win a Scholarship

If a scholarship requires an essay, it is not typically judged on the quality of writing. Scholarship administrators care more about how well you follow instructions and address the essay question. Take a look at these tips for writing a successful scholarship application essay.

MYTH: Only Students With High GPAs Get Scholarships

Maintaining a high GPA will help you get scholarships, but it is not the only option. Athletics, a unique hobby or a well-written essay are some of the other things that earn scholarships.

MYTH: The Scholarship Search Is Too Time-Consuming

With Cappex, the scholarship search couldn’t be easier. Register or log back into your account. Make the information in your profile accurate and complete to the best of your ability. All of the scholarships you are eligible for will appear in your Scholarship Match list.

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