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Fly-In and Diversity Visit Programs for College Students

a diverse group of students standing in a school hallway

Visiting campus is one of the most important steps to help you decide what type of college or specific institution is right for you. That's why most colleges offer campus tours, information sessions, or open houses to showcase academic and social life. Whether you fly, drive, take a bus, or ride the train to campus, these programs should help you visualize yourself thriving on campus.

What is a Fly-In Program?

Many colleges and universities would like to enroll more students from first-generation, lower-income, or minoritized racial and ethnic backgrounds, so they will host events focused on culture and diversity to increase representation from underrepresented student groups. These overnight or multi-day events, often known as ‘fly-in programs,’ let you experience campus up close, so you can get to know the students and faculty who bring the college to life. For prospective students, fly-ins and diversity visit programs typically occur in the spring of junior year or fall of senior year before you submit your college applications. There are also fly-in and visit programs created to help admitted students decide where to enroll in the spring of senior year.

Traveling to campuses for multiple visit programs can be extremely expensive, especially for students looking at colleges far from home. This sortable list of fly-in and diversity programs for prospective students shows you which colleges offer travel assistance for students (and families).

How to Use This Fly-In and Diversity Visit Program List

View the full list in this window or click ‘view larger version’ in the bottom right corner of the table for an expanded view. The list can be filtered, sorted, or grouped based on the following characteristics:

  • Host institution
  • Intended audience
  • Travel funding opportunity
  • Month when program occurs
  • Length of program
  • Month when the application opens
  • Month when the application closes

Be sure to visit the website of each program you're interested in to complete the next steps or prepare your fly-in application.


Event information will be updated throughout the year, so check back in the late spring through mid-fall for updates. Please email College Greenlight if you have any questions about this list. For college and university reps who would like to submit an addition or update to this list, please complete this form.

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